World Ford Challenge 8

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  1. Who's goin'? I'll be there with probably 6 or 7 local guys, 4 or 5 of whom are also on TF. Planning on leaving Thursday afternoon and probably coming home sometime Sunday. I believe we're staying in Caseyville.

    Anyone else?

  2. Ill probably drive over for one of the days. I doubt i will be bringing the mustang though unless the turbo is back by then.

  3. I haven't had a good night's sleep in months and if things come around for the V8 car I'll be there with that. Otherwise the green coupe is coming back!
  4. I wanna see the green coupe! :fuss:

  5. I'll be there, just not sure what vehicle I'll be there in. I'll probably be firing up the engine in the TC for the first time tomorrow, and if I can get it running good I'll definitely be going in it. If not, my girl's supposed to be going with me so I might be able to talk her into taking her car. And if all else fails, I'll go in the tempo (but God, I hope not)
  6. hey garrett keep me (mostly amanda) posted on your schedule for the trip. I'm hoping to leave very early wed. morning. with the truck/trailor. After amanda gets out of class at lunch they will hit the road and catch up to me.....asleep on the side of the road somewhere. :)
  7. I'm only about 5hrs away, but I don't think I'll be there. Its always the weekend before finals week. :( Maybe I can make a day trip on that saturday.
  8. Matt- I'll be leaving about 8 AM Thursday morning, and from there I'm not totally sure what my schedule will be. What time you think you'll be hitting I-70? More than likely I'll be in wheeling by 10-11 AM, heading west. I usually hit Collinsville at about 5-6 PM or so. You'll have to let me know what vehicles you'll be traveling in so I can keep an eye out.
  9. I'll have to check again but I think we're heading down I64. I'll be pulling with a green 95 GMC. I'll post pics after the car is back together.

    It seems like a found a WFC 8 website, does anybody have a link?
  10. media passes are in the mail...
  11. hmm, that reminds me... i should try to get a media pass. Do you know if they are event specific or will my standard press credentials be good enough?

  12. I will be there along With my GF Kim. Leaving here Thursday Afternoon.
    If it does not sell we will be there in an Azure Blue 04 Mach 1. If it sells, we will be in Kim's 97 Convertable..

  13. Oh ok, I had thought you said you would be on I-70 for a stretch, but I was thinking that would be out of the way for you.

    Ah, we'll run into each other at the hotel probably.
  14. Do I hear the makings of another Motel6 Gangbang????????????!!!!!!!!
  15. HOLY CRAP!!!!!
    I had originally planned to run the wild street class plus the bracket challenge. Both classes would cost $375 in entry fees alone. We'll see how that pans out.

    Red: Can we get media passes for being mods here??? Why don't you head to the track with me tuesday night May 10th? I may need help putting it back together to run WFC.
    How is the parking at this hotel?

    Hey SVO1 ok but you're in the middle.
  16. Dude, I TOLD you it was expensive as hell to race out there. Even Bracket 3 is like $75 to run. passes? No clue, never heard anything about them before. Also I can't be out there until Thursday evening, I have a final on Tuesday plus I only have hotel reservations Thursday-Sunday nights. You are talking about the track at Gateway right?

    Also, parking is decent, if you have a trailer you can park along the side of the road that runs in front of the hotel. It's off the main drag so there isn't much traffic.
  17. Nope, this is how stupid I am. I'm running the local track(over an hour away) tuesday and try to leave wednesday morning.

    Actually I think its $150 to run the bracket challenge now. However payout is pretty high and it pays down to the 1/8ths. I also read that I could only enter one class.
  18. OOOHHHH I get to be in the middle!!!!!!

    Oh and Parking is not bad at Motel 6 and there are typically several trailers there...
  19. I'll be there Friday evening until Sunday afternoon...staying at Motel6 in Collinsville.