World Ford Challenge 8

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  1. Well I'm on day 3 of my gear install so if thats any hint on what I'll probably be taking. ;)

    I'm not so sure 4.56 and a C4 would be that great for the 1/4 anyway.
  2. I'm already past week 2 of my engine swap :bang:
  3. Matt, want me to bring a StingerPerformance sticker for your hatch glass? ;)
  4. :D

    Absolutely..... but I'm not bringing a hatch glass with me. It might fit "somewhere" on the coupe.
  5. hey matt dad has confirmed the motel and the car is ready to go all he has to do is go pick it up.All i have to do is pack :D
  6. Well the Mach 1 Sold last night, so we will be there Thursday afternoon in Kim's Car.
  7. I live 3 hrs away and can't go becuase where broke and nethier mustang is regeistored or driveable
  8. Thats ok I'll just plan the party around you're house.
  9. Well this sucks. My "girl" says she can't go now, and I still don't have the thunderbird started, and I think that's cutting it a little close to be taking it on such a long trip. Looks like I'll be going in the tempo then... :notnice:
  10. I probably wont get there till sunday, will anyone still be there? and if you are, how do i find ya?

  11. I think we should get a small phone list going, at least for those of us who really want to get together at some point. Maybe by PM?

    If you're going and interested, PM me your real name and cell #/pager/whatever and I'll compile them into a list that I'll PM back to everyone before I leave Thursday.

  12. Dr- Depends on what time you're talking about getting there? I'll be there all day sunday, and I think Jay will too, so we could arrange to meet somewhere.

    Asha- I'm interested in the get-together but I don't have a cell phone.
  13. Red...cell phone? You guys should know there wouldn't be service in West Virginia anyway.
    Get to it. I'm still waiting on differential parts to come.

    How about those hand held walkie talkies? They have very specific channels.

    Who all here is staying in collinsville?

    I'll post pics of my car so you guys can pic it out. Its a black coupe. :p
  14. Can you email me a few pics of the black coupe? I need to know what to look for...

  15. the way it sounds from TF I'll be the only one at the motel with a V8.....and not the fastest car by a long shot.
  16. I will be at Motel6 In collinsville, but we are Jetting out Sunday Morning. Kim is from down around there and we were going to visit her Familly.
    For us just look for a red 97 V6 Vert with Iowa plates, and 96-8ish GT five spokes on it.
  17. Oh and we will Meet up with Garrett, so anyone wanting to meet up with us can call me, my cell# will be on the list.
  18. I'll be there in the "temptin' tempo"...white tempo with a buncha stickers on the windows. I'll have to add some more before I leave.
  19. Ill probably roll down there in the mighty taurus, i dont think the mustang is gonna be done by then, If somebody is compiling a phone list let me know, Ill give ya my number. I am still hoping i will be able to go, We just had a floor director walk off, and i am fearing that they are gonna try to make me work sun. Althought i could probably come down and stll make it back for work. Is anyone gonna be in the car show? I think i saw red's TC 2 years ago, but never saw the owner around so i cant say for sure.

  20. It had to have been mine, I had the only TC in the show aside from one that had a V8 swapped in...and his had Cobra R's on it and the hood wasn't open.

    As for the car show...although it is good parking, I think I'll pass on putting the tempo in the show. Don't wanna look like too big of an idiot :p