World Ford Challenge 8

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  1. I'm doing the phone list, PM me.

    My buddies will have two cars in the show. If you see a gray '86 Saleen and a white '86 Saleen, both with Colorado plates, those are the ones. Also we're picking up a red '86 Saleen at WFC (meeting the guy there).

  2. hey Red. You should see Jason From TF's tempo. The 2.3T almost knocked me off of my feet.

    You might send me a copy of the phone list too. I doubt I'll call anybody though, I'm funny about that.
  3. Actually, I've been thinking that I might just enter my car in the show and not have it judged...I'd like to bring a little charcoal grill with me to make some hot dogs (instead of buying the stupidly expensive food they sell there) and I could just set it up on the trunk lid if I did it in the show area, rather than being in the dusty parking lot. Hmmmm.....
  4. really if so there is a lake close by
  5. Well I just got the car all buffed out, the wheels are on it, and she looks good.
    Now I gotta figure out how to make the next 4 days go by quickly........
  6. did someone say party :D

  7. I might wash my tempo before I go out :flag:
  8. Wow I'm cutting it close I'm back up and running now. The car feels great but I don't know how its going to run until later tonight.