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  1. Hi

    I was wondering if anyone has ordered anything from

    they sell auto related jackets and shirts. I was wanting to get their Pontiac Trans Am Team Jacket as a present for someone but not sure if I should trust em. I think they're located in taiwan or something.

    Also, if anyone knows of a place located in the U.S. that offers a similar design jacket maybe you could let me know.


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  2. Update:

    I guess I should aplogize to my fellow Mustang enthusiasts for posting pic of that particular jacket : ( did not think about it at the time : )

    The place does have jackets for most auto makers and many model specific including Ford and Mustang.

    Anyway, I did go ahead and order the jacket from them online.

    After that I found out the place is located in Thailand. It took a few days before my order status was updated on their site to "pending". Then a few days more before I got an email confirmation. Of course this all made me worry a little. But today I received the jacket and it was shipped from Germany.

    It was in perfect condition and the quality of it is good with nice stitched emblems n such. One negative is the zipper is on the opposite side which I think is how women's jackets are done so maybe that is due international differences. You would only notice this when actually starting he zipper.

    Well the jacket looks really nice and I think the recipient will be really happy with the gift so I am happy. Now if only Fedx will show with my Mustang's louvers that are supposedly being delivered today also...
  4. August 25 2013 Ordered a jacket from world racing mall May 4 2013 and it is almost September. Only status I had was processing after I paid by Pay Pal. Administrator said "patience please" after two weeks. They will not answer any of my emails. They are in Thailand and claim they have people all over far east that makes jackets. You must file a CLAIM with pay pal within 45 days and I asked them in 48 days, they said they can not help me too late. This is the first time I have been ripped off on the internet and one of the first I didn't go thru EBay. If I ever get jacket I will correct this entry.