World's Quickest And Fastest Kennebell Sbf Mustang Part 2

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  1. SO Vernon and I are back at it again. We upgraded my grey convertible's short block and headed back out this weekend to test and tune. Those not familiar with my car .. in short it is a 8.2 deck height based sbf with custom air to water intercooler and a Kennebell 2.8 lc blower. We only got 4 passes in on friday evening before the rains came and obliterated the remainder of the weekend as far as racing goes. In those four passes we were able to lay down a 8.92 et in the 1/4 with a 157 mph! This came with massive wheel spin through 150 feet due to the unprepped surface for a friday evening TNT. Enjoy the video!

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  2. Awesome vert man, is that thing still able to take civilized cruises with the top down?

    I like to see people using convertibles as drag cars but I think it defeats the purpose if they aren't streetable.
  3. streetable it is. driven on street not. too valuable and not taking any chances with it ... I race this car frequently in 8.5 outlaw 1/8th mile.
  4. A little background on the changes this off season. Fresh shortblock starting with a Dart Iron Eagle block using Eagle crank and rods, JE pistons. Compression has been raised from 8.25:1 to 9.5:1 also the displacement has grown from 333cid to 376cid via a 3.47" stroke. Otherwise we are using the same camshaft, same cyl. heads as last year. In fact, we only cleaned the gasket surfaces and re-installed everything off of the old engine. Considering that we are still off by a 1/10 on the 60' and the datalog showed that Walter did not get to 100% throttle until 1.3 sec out (started at 58% throttle) and then he lifted before the finish (WOT used during only 7.2 sec of the run) plus add in the a/f was in the low 11's from 7k up to the max rpm point of 8,400 rpm when we are targeting 12.0:1 A/F, this thing is going to fly when we get the tune and launch sorted out. Watch out for updates!
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  5. You running a glide?
    Car really moves out and damn it I love the Billet Specialties in black
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  6. its possible to take the wings off ?
  7. Car does have a glide. Also has a 9" rear with 4.10:1 gears. Max tire size in 8.5 OutLaw is 26x8.5. And yes the rear wing could come off, but it provides down track stability and it would be foolish to remove it.
    Online HP calculators indicate that to get 3,340 lbs to go 157 mph in the 1/4 mile it takes about 1,007 rwhp. Factor in an average of 20% drivetrain losses and the engine is making about 1,275 HP at the crank.
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  8. I am floored by that guys are killing over and over again. Hands down the fastest pushrod kenne bell ever, and can't see anyone getting close to that. My hats off to both of you for inspiring those who want and dare to be different, and to those who say it can't be done with a twin your hearts out now! I especially can appreciate what you guys have done, but know now I will never get to that level...I bow before you.

    Can't wait to see Vernon's beast unleashed. Keep up the good works guys, and sorry I don't check in on stangnet often enough.
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  9. By the way how was the 2.8l keeping up to the larger motor and 8.500rpm.

    What was you max boost?

    Any boost drop off?

    What rpm are spinning the KB, and pulleys uses?
  10. that is sick!....but after seeing the vid?......i might as well be racing a fiat at the track!
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  11. We are down about 3 psi because of the extra displacement and possibly other factors. Averaged only 18 psi while last year we saw 22 to 23 psi a few times with good air. We did see 19.9 psi (right at the end of the run of .1 sec) on the 8.92 run. It may get better...........making those 4 runs is how we broke in the engine dyno time at all. Just changed the fuel map up by 10% and started out with only 24* of timing. 1st run was only to the 1/8th mile, second was almost to the 1000 foot mark,3rd run just past 1000 feet and then let it go on the 4th pass. Other than starting the engine and letting it warm up and then putting it up against the converter and trans brake a few times for 2-3 sec. and data logging those, there was no other "break-in" procedure used. So I think the rings are fully seated now, and we can get after finalizing the tune. I am sure it can take a few more degrees of timing, and it really needs to be leaned out on the top end.
    The supercharger is seeing 22k rpm for a very brief period of time. That is really over-spinning the supercharger, but so far it is taking it like a champ. I remember the crank pulley is 7.8" and I think the S/C pulley is 2 3/4" I think. Walter can verify that as I don't have access to my car right now to run out and check.
  12. The track has no side barrier walls??? You boys are nuts!!!
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  13. i was thinking same thing!....especially with that power!....
  14. Used to be an airport, still is used as one in emergency's. Plus they do "drift" events at this facility. Lots of "run off" area lol.
  15. Wow, fast, straight and smooth... that is one nicely designed vert!
  16. Boost keeps building up to 19.9. No drop off at all. it is a 7.8 inch crank pulley and 2.75 inch blower pulley. Thanks for the props! The change in cubic inches and compression has been a radical success.... great demonstration of how boost doesn't equal power. We are spinning the blower at the same speed, using the same cam, heads, intake, and exhaust, seeing 3 psi less boost and making 275 more hp!
  17. Yep its a glide. excellent drag race transmission.
  18. That is one bad KB Vert, :hail:

    Where is that track located? Looks like a cool place.
  19. Very noice