World's Quickest And Fastest Kennebell Sbf Mustang Part 2

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  1. Bremerton raceway in Washington state
  2. do you have under hood pic ?
  3. Go back to 2nd post on this thread and click on the link to the original has all of the underhood pics of the whole process.
  4. Hi Walter, very impressed with your success and even more impressed that the 2.8L has no boost loss. What timing can you run with the higher compression.
  5. So far 26 degrees on c 16. Thanks for the kind words!
  6. Streetcar Nationals here we come! Wish us luck, we are taking the convert to Vegas to race in 8.5 outlaw this weekend. We have made a couple of changes late in the season the yeilded interesting results. We shortened the exhaust from a 3.5 inch x pipe with dumps in front of the rear axle to strait pipes to bullet mufflers and dumps off each header collector. This change maxed my 120lb injectors out to 100% duty cylce for almost the entire 1/8 mile run. We now have 220lb injectors in and anticipate a healthy jump in and video to follow!
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