Worried about my 04 Cobra

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  1. OK..here is my story

    I bought my 04 Cobra 2 weeks ago with 49k miles..The car itself is in great condition..the guy really took care of it..but i just got done talking to a guy who only works on mustangs and he scared the **** out of me..he told me these cars only last around 60-70k miles and i just wrapped 21k into this car. What are your thoughts about this year and how much use can i really expect out of the car?. If its true what he said then i guess i need to think about unloading this car already..im not trying to replace this engine when i still have 15k on my loan..Thanks for all you thoughts and replys :)

  2. Can't remember where I saw it, but somewhere out there is an 03 cobra with over 200k and factory bottom end.

    It's a hand built motor, with full factory forged rotating assembly. The motor will last. The 4.6 has been around for a long time, and has proven over and over its well engineered. I really wouldn't worry. My 00' GT has 147k on it BTW, complete factory engine.

  3. I wouldn't put much stock into what that other told you - unless he was working on 03/04 cobras that were consistently being pushed to their limits via people throwing 30 pounds of boost and/or running a 250 shot of nitrous at it without a proper tune to complement the modifications.

    Take care of the car and it'll take care of you. No need to sell the car, just make sure you upgrade the car properly to support any "big number" power adders with a proper tune.

    Enjoy the ride. :cheers:
  4. Just enjoy your new car man, do not listen to rumors and such.

    Also, a lot of new Cobra owners always think they have the "head tick" do not fall for that one either...

    Best thing you can do is:
    -check the spark plugs and make sure they are torqued to spec
    -clean it well
    -catch up the preventative maintenance
    -drive it like you stole it
  5. i got 261k now mine is a dd as you can see.. for mine its been 70 thousand the head went,than again at 210k...rear lasted 170k before blowing..clutch is still orig.. the rest is just wear and tear,,battery,starter,brakes,tires,wheel bearings,,,also i only use castrol and stp oil treatment..6+1=7qrts..............
  6. I wouldn't worry about what some Bozo said. My '03 is just turning 79,000 miles with no issues. It is all original except for the brake pads , which are now Raybestos ceramic and one rear rotor.

    Have fun with it. Maintain it right and it will reward you with plenty of driving pleasure.

  7. Sounds like you need to stop talking to that douchebag. He obviously doesn't work on ANY Mustangs if he thinks they only last 65K.

  8. i know these motors are bullet proof, but holy crap :eek:

    and original clutch. amazing
  9. I also know of and seen another forum where people were complaining about their cobras. I'm thinking it was because they didn't maintain and do the correct preventive maintenance. I think they were probably do high-speed pulls and throwing large amounts of boost at them. I really want one of these babies.
  10. I think if Ford made any cars that lasted only 60-70k miles, it'd be time to pull it off the shelf asap. I mean, it's one thing for a preteen to get a Cobra as a dd and go racing at every light while switching out the oil once a year. But, compared to someone who maintains the car well including driving like they're sane, the motor has no reason to fail before 100 to 200k miles