Worst products you ever used.

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  1. Worst Products

    Don't like the ArmorAll wipes leather or vinyl are greasy.

    Wasted money on ScratchX too. :notnice:
  2. When you've got about $2,000 in detailing supplies there's a lot of things I've tried that I didn't like. :lol:

    I really don't like anything Turtle Wax makes. The ICE Liquid Clay Bar is a joke, it's a smack in the faces of people who really know how to detail. It's just a cleaner. I've tried a lot of tire shines that are horrible, all of them fall short to Hyperdressing. Armorall is horrible, IMO. I can't stand it when people use it on their interior. It's gross. I'm sure there's a ton of things but I can't really think right now. Usually with detailing supplies I either love it or hate it.
  3. Ooo I remember when that first came out and it was real big back then because it was the first, or one of the first, synthetic type waxes that went on and off easily.

    The problem with Rain Dance is that when it gets anywhere near black plastic trim, even for a second, it's virtually impossible to remove.
    I used to use WD-40 back then to get it off.
    I swear Back To Black was released just to help Rain Dance victims!!
  4. Same here....
    That Ice stuff is the worst crap I have ever used.

    +2 on whomever said the Meguires Scratch-X sucked. It clumps like mad..
    I do like Meguires Gold Class though.
    Mothers is good.
    Armour All Tire Shine sucks....You touch your tires, like taking air pressure, a week later and your hands still get filthy.
    I swear it's eating the rubber away.
  5. +9000 on the ICE.

    I picked some up from Advance willing to try it. It states on the label "Can be applied directly in sunlight" So i did exactly that. LOOKED TERRIBLE! I tried correcting it in the shade but was unsuccessful.

    Next day i returned it to Advance. They were PISSED that i was returning an open bottle but i told them i did exactly what was advertised and it messed up my car. i even told them they can come outside and look for themselves.

    Never will i go near that stuff again :nonono:
  6. Kit Scratch Remover.In a yellow bottle and been around for years.That stuff is crap! I tried it several years ago.Doesn't even phase scratches,let alone remove them.Ends up leaving white residue all over.Don't waste your money.

    Another product to avoid.NuFinish.This stuff is for lazy people who want that cheap looking shine.It's like rubbing oil on your car except that it leaves white crap all over.I only tried it on a small spot.I dabbed small ammount on a cloth from inside Advanced Auto so I wouldn't waste $$$.
  7. +1 for the scratch X...sucks. I Work for a dealership and use all their products now, they are tough to beat.
  8. Dupont Teflon Wax.

    May have been my particular bottle, but this stuff was absolute garbage... nearly impossible to get it off the car, even with a buffer.
  9. About 10 years ago there was a product called "Durashine".It was made by the same company that made Duralube Engine oil additive (oh..crap also).I don't think Durashine is made any longer but just thought I'd note it in here.It never worked right.Supposed to have a sheeting action instead of beading.You just wiped it on real good.Waited..then rinse it off lightly.

    Could not get the stuff to work right.That night, I ended up saturating a cloth and wiped it all over the side of someones beat up van. :rlaugh:
  10. I'll have to agree with you guys. I've been detailing cars for years and I've found 4 or 5 products I use religiously with excellent results.
    -Eagle One's Nano Car Wash (dried spot free even on my 'old' black 01 WS6 even in direct sunlight)
    -Eagle One's Nano Wax (goes on and off smooth and works great!)
    -Meguiars Hot Coating Tire Shine (lasts for weeks, esp on clean tires)
    -Turtle Wax's F21 Spray (I prefer the glossy look but wasn't greasy to the touch -and didn't attract EVERYTHING like Armor All)
    -Simple Green Super Concentrate (just a GREAT all around cleaner)
  11. Didn't care much for the nanowax. Decent OTC product but nothing more.