worth the time to swap in a 5 spd?

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  1. I am wanting to put a 5 spd in my lx, my dad says not to as it wont increase the value of the car if we sell it later on down the line.

    Think its worth it to swap in a new tranny?
  2. Hell No it is not worth it to swap the transmission to a 5 spd T-5 WC. Think of all of the piece of crap cars that have these transmissions. SVO's, GT's, LX's, Turbo Coupes, and Most of the people on this forum. I mean why put in a better transmission when you can break the automatic pice of crap tranny you already have because it will not take the abuse that some of us put it through.

    Tell your dad that he is wrong in this case and that the T-5 is a lot better than that tranny that is in there now.
  3. Do you have a T-5?????
  4. Who cares about resale value on a fox body?
    You will probably gain back 15-20 USABLE hp to accelerate and pass. Plus the fact that you already have 3.73 gears on the rear end it'll feel like whole new car. You can't put a resale value on that.
  5. I need to get a T-5 soon
  6. what trannys did the 82 lx cars use?
    theres one for 150 around here, we would probably use it as a parts car. if it has a t5 i would buy it.
  7. def worth it, and it will increase the value. sticks alway's sell higher.
  8. Value?? After you bought the mustang that was the end of the value. The only reason I can afford to build a few is solely because they aren't worth anything.

    Look at it like this:
    Almost any 4cyl automatic will die if you beat on it hard enough with 90hp. My sig shows my cars and all have 4cyl 5spds.

    The important question you have to ask is "Is it worth it to put 4 A4LDs in my fox"
  9. To answer your original question, YES it is worth the time. My first Stang was an auto and after that, I didn't buy another auto Stang againl

  10. They use the SROD 4-spd. :puke:
  11. yeah DONT get an 82 for the tranny. you must get something 86 or higher for the best 5 speed cars. And yes, it is Absolutly worth it. Thats why i did it.

  12. To hell with thinking about resale value. I put a T5 in both of my stangs and it made the fun factor go up. There is a significant amount of power freed up and that is especially important when your car has between 88 and 105 Horses
  13. after making my 93 a 5 speed I will never buy another stang without a t5, it is the biggest pain in the ass i have ever done...
  14. Thanks for the encouragement :D I will be looking for my T-5 After the new year.
  15. Of all the work Ive done on cars, a tranny swap is the worst.

    Esp if th emotor is still in the car when you go to put the flywheel on.

  16. Yeah I have the feeling that it will take me longer than most people because I can mess up a wet dream. I will be first finding the T-5 and all parts for the swap, then when I have them all I plan to enlist a couple friends and their gf's (to get beer) and attempt to swap it. Hopefully I will get to Lowes soon and get the parts for the CAI to get that done. I am trying to make the N/A as fun as it can be while I have to drive it before the Turbo swap.
  17. Yeah, count me in for the 5 speed swap too. The C-4 bell I got from 351 is on eBay right now. I ended up driving one of the 5 speed trucks at my job and was like "oh yeah...stick." Then the gears started grinding, in my head that is. So, I am planning the swap for the spring, and researching now. I really believe I am going to hate it in the VA Beach traffic nightmare, but I keep reading here how much power it will free up, especially since I have 3:73s out back.
  18. EBAY!!!...dang I must have forgotten to mention that whole "If you ever decide to get rid of it speech"

    Anyway you'll probably get more on ebay than I sold it to you for so good luck.
  19. oh yeah.....If you need stuff for the 5spd swap let me know.
  20. Thanks 351, I will.:nice: