Worth the Wait...

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  1. After much delibration... I decided to hold out for the Cobra next year. I'm only hoping that it's release won't be delayed any longer then that. I have based this decision on a few factors.

    - Any first year "bugs" will come to light and I'm more then confident Ford will address them aggressively.

    - This will be my First Brand New car owned and what better way then to break in a Cobra (or the equivelent if the Cobra name is dropped).

    - After much research, think I perfer the IRS. I'm not a dragster and won't be modifing my 'Stang. At least I don't plan too. :rlaugh:

    - With the current model putting out 390hp... drooling over the possiabilities.

    - I love how Cobra's stand out in a pack.

    - With my current rate of savings, I will be able to buy an '06 Cobra CASH$$$. No car payments for me. My bank will even work it as a loan using my own $$$ so it still looks great on my credit report!!! :)

    - And the last reason... COME ON MAN... IT'S A COBRA!!!!!!

    Just curious how many of ya'll will be doing the same. We could even have group sessions to keep each other on track as these incrediable '05s start hitting the streets. :rlaugh:
  2. That's the best news that I've heard since I've saved money on my car insurance by going with Geico Insurance.
  3. The only way I could save that much money is if I kept it secret from my wife...it would be gone on something else before the car would arrive. Great for you if you can...:nice:
  4. must be nice to save 40grand + in a year
  5. We all know how surprises pop up, but one must adapt and overcome right.

    What are you all expecting from the Next-Gen Cobra?
  6. Patience is a virtue...

    Good things come to those who wait... :banana:

    I buy a car every five years, and I just bought a BMW 330i 6-spd last year. I'll have to hold out until '08 unless I want to part with that or my '98 Cobra. It will give Ford some more time to refine and de-bug it. I'll be living vicariously through '05-'07 owners until then. I'm not sure why I need 3 cars, but I do. :shrug: :bang:

    I can't wait to read about the 'first drives'.
  7. I'm assuming that you realize there is a chance there won't be an '06 Mustang Cobra as we currently know it.

    There is an even greater chance that if they do make the Cobra that it will be in the $45k+ range. I've realistically changed my plans to an '06 "Special Edition" that will be in between a GT and a Cobra. Or, if I can find an '04 Mystichrome Cobra for a good price, I may be tempted. I won't be in the market for about a year, so I'll just see what develops.

  8. Yeah, unfortunatly, I realize there is a possiability of the Cobra being an '07 if there is still going to be a Cobra. As much as I cringe when I think of that, Ford will at least of had a year to fix any "growing pains" of the '05.

    I may be naive, but I don't think, when released, it would be over the 37K-40K range. I figure that the GT is going to be around 25K by '06 and that any Speciality Mods would take the 30K spot. Again, this is trying to predict the unpredictable, but it seems logical to me. Besides, It's fun trying to figure out what maybe in our near future.
  9. I am sure the cobra will be coming in 06. Well at least ford was anouncing it at the Cleveland auto show.
  10. SVT...

    I would like to see an all-aluminum, twin-screw blown 5.4 3V producing close to 500 hp, along with a 6-speed and a much improved IRS. If they can deliver a coupe version of that for $35-40K, that will be great.
  11. I here ya man..

    That would be beyond great, that would be a automotive miracle. On the other hand, the realist in me says that, although that is what we want, people in hell also would love a glass of ice water. I'm not seeing it unfold in the future. :( Not going to get my hopes up because whenever it is released, it would then be below expectations.

    It would be AWESOME though if Ford proved me wrong.

  12. Probably...

    I keep looking at all the specifics of this new car, looking for compromises but can't really find much to gripe about. Ford has really done a great job with this Mustang. It would still be a great car with the current DOHC blown 4.6, but I would rather have a more compact SOHC 3V engine even if the displacement is the same. I look for Ford to phase out the more expensive-to-build DOHC motors, and make more use of the 3V technology.

    J. Mays said '5.4 for the Cobra' and I think they would have a much easier time with the narrower 3V config. /Fingers crossed...
  13. From everything I've read, my best guess is that you will see a 2006 Mustang special model that is very much like the 03/04 Cobra and it will be priced just slightly higher than the 03/04 Cobra. However it will most likely not be called a Cobra.

    For an engine it will probably have a 4.6L S/C engine with a screw type S/C and a beefed up aluminum block. HP will be rated around 425 HP, but will really have more.

    I'd guess that in 2007 there will be a new Cobra which will have 500HP, a SMG and other sorts of fancy bits and pieces. It will be real expensive @ over $40K.
  14. I was looking forward to a Cobra. But circumstances have changed. Now I want to be one of the first to own an 05 gt. But with any luck I should be able to buy a Cobra when it comes out.
  15. I don't think that's too out of line. I think it's more likely that we'll see a 450hp blown 4.6, but a side from that, I think you'll get your wish.
  16. I think it's very possible. They could use the same engine in both the SVT car and the next-gen Lightning, which would help with cost. Of course the car is still going to be faster than the truck.
  17. I have a feeling we won't be seeing a "SVT Mustang Cobra" anymore. We might be seeing a "SVT Mustang" and a "Ford/Shelby Cobra" 2-seat roadster though.

    If you think about it, the "SVT Mustang Cobra" name doesn't make sense. I never understood it. How can one car be named after two cars?
  18. I like the looks of the '05 alot. A couple of years ago I had use of a near new '02 GT and was not paricularly inspired. The car kind of rattled and just overall did not strike me a very well made. I was thinking of buying an '03 at the time, but abandoned the idea pretty quickly. Now, if the '05 is put together well, feels tight and well made, and can be had for mid-20's, I will buy a silver one with the red leather interior in a heartbeat (delete rear spoiler preferably). We'll see....
  19. It's not named after 2 cars. It is simply a variant of the mustang line. Svt makes it. It is a mustang. But as has been a sem-tradition the top stang is the cobra. And as for not seeing it. I have not seen anything about them losing the name. And there have been people from ford talking about it as the next Cobra. And whipple superchargers has an add. That seems to say they are producing the supercharger for the next Cobra. Has anyone actually seen anything saying they were getting rid of the Cobra name?
  20. I have read that, since Carol Shelby is back with Ford and will be on a Shelby Cobra project, he want's Ford to reserve the name. Ford, out of respect for Shelby's contributions, has tentivativly agreed. Only time will tell.