Roush Worthy Competitor?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sal07b, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Looks like someone is finally going to step up to the plate:

    If they actually build it, the mighty Mustang may actually have some competition. The closest car, the GTO, is a joke...
  2. Hehe haha hoho!!!!!!!
  3. Personally, I'm not impressed. :notnice:

    As I stated in the prior Z06 thread, customers who are inclined towards the purchase of a new Mustang are by & large not about to be dissuaded from that decision or lured away by another vehicle.

    IMHO the new Challenger is merely ChryCo's attempt to cash in on the popularity of the Mustang; not unlike the attempts by GM, ChryCo & AM in the 1960's. Why buy a copycat when you can have the original?

    Not to mention ChryCo's less than stellar quality record.
  4. It is still a Dodge. It is like trying to polish a turd. Not matter how hard you try it is still a piece of ****.
  5. QFMFT
  6. That thing is badass!!! I hope they build it.
  7. OK, there is one I've never seen before. What the heck does that stand for?? I've always been a Mustang fan, but that thing is sweet. It'll be interesting to see what it looks like in person. I have to admit, I was/am a huge fan of the 70's era Barracuda....
  8. Why do you say? We have 9, 10, and 11 sec goats roaming the streets. I have raced a few S281s and pulled them but I don't consider them a joke.
  9. There are some good running GTO's out there, I'll give props where they are due. I didn't intend to slam GTO's or their owners, basically it's a slam on Pontiac for their lack of vision. They are decent running cars, especially after mods, but look at them. They are basically Cavalier's on Steroids. What part of a GTO looks anything remotely close to their heritage? Their sales weren't/aren't near what was expected so they aren't really competition for the Mustang. Given that, and the fact that the Camaro and Firebird were axed, there are currently no competitors for the Pony car. If the Challenger actually gets built, given it's retro styling, Dodge may actually bring some competition. That was the point of the post. Take the motor/6-speed out of the Cavalier body and put it in something with some style and then maybe Pontiac will have something for the Mustang with their GTO. Until then, nothing...
  10. The GTO is not a direct competitor for the Mustang in both size, price & demographic despite the automotive media's claims.
    It certainly is not a direct competitor in styling.
    Can you say B-O-R-I-N-G???:sleep:

    Not to mention it still employs the GM corporate OHV, pushrod V8 that hasn't changed much from 1955.

    NASCRAP may think it's the latest technology, but IMHO it ain't. crapola
  11. In the $35k to $45k COUPE WITH 4 SEATS price range where a NA S281 falls there are a few options.

    A> GTO
    B> BMW 330 Coupe
    C> G35
    D> Benz CLK 350

    It all comes down to how one prefers their power vs fit/finish vs style.

    IMHO these could all be options for somebody looking for a 4-Seater "Sports Coupe".

    When talking VERTS you can toss out A & C.
  12. Size???

    Length: 189.8 in.
    Width: 72.5 in.
    Height: 54.9 in.


    Length: 188 in.
    Width: 74 in.
    Height: 54.5 in.

    Any guess which one is the Mustang & which one is the GTO?


    GTO w/ 6-speed and 18" wheels ("loaded")
    MSRP: $34,185
    Market: $31,954

    GT w/ 5-speed and 18" wheels ("loaded")
    MSRP: $30,695
    Market: $30,695

    Looks about the same to me.