WOT TPS value off for my Tweecer?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by zenboy99, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. I have my tps sensor set at 0.990 volts but I'm still reading 4.75 volts at WOT wich the Tweecer isn't recognizing as WOT in Calcon. Am I doing something wrong? I've drilled out the TPS sensor for a wider range.
  2. fwiw I was reading 4.66V at wot...maybe it's too high???? i dunno
  3. The puter should recognize WOT at high3 volts or low 4 volts (Grady, et al, will know). I only know the fox spec, which is 3.7 volts.

    Good luck.
  4. Hey Chad

    I show about 4.73 :D

    Don't think its anything to get bothered about :shrug:

    BUT ................

    Seems to me, if you were looking for a higher reading, you might wanna check to see if the tb blade is all the way to a 90 degree setting at WOT.

    Might be able to turn the key on, motor off, and work the tb while looking at the data log :shrug:

    Already told you more than I know about it :D

  5. Grady, does the puter need to see such a high voltage to realize one is at WOT? I would not have guessed it had to be so high. I bet some TPS's dont even quite reach that threshold.

    Or is that what you folks max out your TPS reading at?
  6. I took the intake tract off and the throttle blade is going a tad past 90 degrees. When I put my foot to the floor the car goes into open loop, but its not registering as WOT in calcon.

    When you guys are in calcon does your WOT light go green?
  7. Not exactly sure JT :shrug:

    Like you, I suspect if one's value was a bit + or - from the value that Chad & myself see .........................

    Everything would be OK :nice:

    Kind of the same thing as the closed throttle deal :shrug:

    .99 is not that important as there is a range that is acceptable because the pcm sees anywhere in that range as closed :D

  8. The T4M0 - stock has the TP for WOT set to 642 AD counts - which converts to 3.13296v, so you are fine - even though the blade is not fully open, the EEC 'thinks' that it should go to open loop fuel.

  9. Thanks Don - that was the threshold I was curious about. :nice: