WOT Tuning Question?

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  1. I saw a fellow on ... that other Stang site ... ask about if he needed a tune

    Before you ask about my reply to him ...............

    I haven't been able to post there for several years cause they somehow
    got my account to where I can't post and after several requests to fix
    it ... I gave up and I've just been lurking over there :)


    He has a basic short block with gt40 H&I and tfs 1 cam

    Several folks tolk him he needed a tune

    One fellow told him he should remove the O2's, plug the holes, and then
    see how it runs. If it runs good, he was told he needed a tune.

    I would think this advice was based upon the O2's causing issues :shrug:

    Here is my Q :D

    Would it not be WAY MORE easy to just ..........
    go to a deserted area
    do a pcm reset which we all know just takes like 15 sec
    do a WOT blast to see how it runs

    My thinking is the pcm will not have enough time to make any adjustments
    before he makes his test run ;)

    Well ... What do you guys think :scratch:

  2. Either one should work. WOT blast is more fun and easier though. Does the car run bad? What caused him to ask this question? Stock MAF and injectors?

    My car ran a 13.4 saturday on the stock GT tune with a MAF calibrated for my injectors. I didn't realize my tweecer knob was set to the factory tune position and was having all around bad day. So I don't think he would really need a tune. But it wouldn't hurt to get one either. My car runs a ton better on my hybrid Cobra R.bin. But most of that was just in load scaling and idle tweecing.
  3. Sure ... either one will work :nice:

    I can't see going to all the trouble of :crazy:

    removing the O2's
    plugging the holes
    and all that goes along with doing that :(

    Besides ... Now that I think about :D

    Even if the O2's were removed and you did not do a pcm reset ..........
    you could still have CL programming influence the test run ;)

  4. Actually, to do that, he needs to force open loop with a tune, otherwise a host of issues will pop up because the PCM will be looking for 02 sensor data. The other thing is if he essentially runs it in OL all the time and it runs good the way it is, then it probably does NOT need a tune because a high percentage of what is done in a tune is dialing in the MAF transfer function and by running good with no 02's tells you that the MAF must be dialed in pretty close.

    The PCM will not do much adapting at WOT anyway, just idle and part throttle - but in a car without a tune, over time, and longer than 15 minutes, CL corrections are applied to WOT - normally on a modded car this needs to be shut off so WOT A/F stays the same.

    If he has stock MAF and injectors he really should not need a tune - but one would help quite a bit. And he should be careful about pegging the stock MAF...
  5. I agree with Don here , if the car runs ok without the O2s then that means it should be fairly close on the MAF transfer and would not need a tune