Would 3 inch Exhaust Hurt my car?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by DoHcHoLlIdAy01, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. I was thinking of putting the Dynomax 3 inch cat-back on my 01 Cobra. Would I lose too much backpressure and lose power? Should I go with one of the other 2 1/2 inch systems?
  2. I'd keep 2 1/2" if you aren't blown...
  3. Any reason why? Or just because.
  4. Could be a back pressure issue, with the 3" you may loose some. Supercharged probably no problem.
    But hopefully someone with more 4V knowledge will chime in :)
  5. On a N/A motor I think you need that back pressure for your low end grunt. That's why you see some lose some trq when they swap out to a off road pipe. I know I did when I had my 2000 GT, and that was a H-pipe w/cats. :nonono: You will pick it back up on the top end though, just matters where you want it. I would stick with the the 2 1/2 set-up. Now get blown and that's another story. :D
  6. What's up good doctor :D How have you been? Do you think I'm loosing a little low end with the straight pipes?
    One of these days I'll get up to Denver and pickup my Bassani X, I can't wait.
  7. I get blown all the time. So I guess I should go with the 3 inch. :D J/K. Its just that the 2 1/2 inch kits are much more expensive (Bassani, Magnaflow). Well I guess they are worth the extra pennies.
  8. What's happenin' brother. :D You are more than likely losing some low end but the sound is probably pretty sweet. I believe you will feel a difference once that bassani x is installed. :)
  9. Yup, always comes down to $. :( I think a nice catback is a good mod, just for the music to the ears, plus pick up a little power too. :nice:
  10. I do like the sound, sounds like a NASCAR. Defiantly turns heads, even people with their windows up look when I go by :D
    But on the highway, it gets a little annoying, puts the kids to sleep though.
    I can't wait to get my Bassani X and have it put on, that's going to be nice. I'm wondering if that'll dip my powerband down any. I know a catted Bassani X on my 00 GT dipped the powerband down some, that car was quick after I put that on.

    Hey, I have some MagnaFlow mufflers laying in the garage, can I put those on the Cobra? I had them on my 00 GT.
  11. I've got a Bassanni X and Dynomax 3" on mine. I think it did hurt me down low. From everything I've read the NA motors respond better to the 2 1/2" systems as they are very sensitive to backpressure. Sounds great, but I'll be switching to a Magnaflow 2 1/2" before too long.