Would 6 Spd Trans Give Me Better Od W 3.73

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  1. A 2.95 T-5 gearset would help (and be cheaper).
  2. Good point here. I have the 2.95 first gear and .63 overdrive. It was for this reason I went from 3.73 to 4.10. I needed more gear down low, but this was with track performance in mind. I think the 4.10 behaves like most T5's with a 3.73. So perhaps it would make your 3.73 behave like a 3.55.

  4. I love my t5z with 3.73 gearing
  5. Honestly, if noise is the problem, then your best and most affordable option is a better set of mufflers. My car with 3.55s doesn't bother me with noise anywhere from 70 to 90mph.

  6. Eh man its not just the noise its hard to explain. When I'm cruising at 70 its not at a comfortable rpm. It feels like its jut gonna keep pullin. It won't settle down and cruise.