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  1. i have a 302 for the stang, but want to put the crown vic engine in it until i can get enough to complete my 302 engine, which would be a few months, would it fit into there ?

    i heard all i got to do is maybe new engine mounts, and change the way the exhaust pipes run so i can hook it up and i might have to do some cutting

    it will be for probabily 7 or so months, so i can drive it daily, im a student and work part time, so its going to take me atleast the summer to get enough $ to fix up the 302, plus i got to get insurance for the car, and a tranny in it, and i got a crown vic in the drive just sittin with a good everything under the hood , just bad tranny

    could a c4 fit with the 4.6 l crown vic engine no problem ?
  2. You can put a 4.6L in there, but its going to be a lot more work than just waiting and sticking he 302 in when you're done

    If its just for a temp motor until the 302 is in, I'd say forget it; its not worth it
  3. putting a 4.6 in a II is a job that people usually spend alot of time making special parts for everything. you also have to pull the ecm and everything that controls the EFI to the 4.6, it takes alot of work.

    if i were you i would just get a little 302 from a junk yard and get it in there, then go and build your dream 302-331-347 or what ever you like.

    and maybe even later in life take that 4.6 and build it up to be mean, then switch that
  4. Why not fix the trans in the crown vic and float that? That way you can do the stang up right. Remember there is never enough time to do it right the first time ,BUT THERE IS ALWAYS ENOUGH TIME TO FIX IT RIGHT THE SECOND TIME AROUND. Or if you are hell bent on driving the muzzy,I'd stick a 4 popper in it and save money on gas while building that sleeper 302. I have a 347 stroker for sale if interested ???????????????? LMK
  5. I have seen one with a 4.6 lots of work lots of money. the 351 swap is hard enough, stick with a 302 slips right in. parts available
  6. Barry, the 351w swap ain't so bad, all you need is a torch, a couple of large shoehorns, and a BIG [email protected]%&*#G HAMMER!!!! :D
  7. I made do with a grinder, a couple of pry bars, and a BFH! :rlaugh:
  8. Does the 92-97 Crown Vic have a 5.0 or a 4.6?
  9. 4.6

    And while the 4.6 WILL fit in a II, take a quick look under the hood of a Crown Vic sometime. There's less room to work with under the hood of these FULL SIZE SEDANS with a 4.6 than there is under the hood of the SUB-COMPACT II with a 5.0, and forget about having power brakes. The booster won't clear at all.

    When I had to replace the valve stem seals on my 94 CVPI, it took two entire evenings just to remove the dr. side cam cover, due to the brake booster, firewall, and cam pedestal (lack of) clearance
  10. I'd have to agree. Either find a good used replacement tranny for the Crown Vic or a good used pre-79 302 for your II. :nice:
  11. haha ya i have seen that before, its not just a 4.6 though, its a DOHC 4.6 out of a 96 and up cobra:nice:

    that thing is actually bigger then a normal 4.6 because of the heads