Would a Grill Elimator Kit be a bad idea?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Davin_Felth, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. Would a Grill Eliminator Kit be a bad idea?


    I looked at a Mach 1 this weekend, and it definitly looks cool with the honeycomb grill being gone. I would like that look on my mustang.

    Here's my worry. There's nothing protecting the radiator, you can see plenty of it exposed when you look through that empty spot around the pony. I've had two people recommend not installing this kit because radiators can be damaged easily by small debris.

    Any oppinions about this?
  2. this ones fine. steedas kit offers something that covers the radiator.
  3. I just called Steeda, and they said nothing comes with the kit, nor does a Mach 1 have anything covering the radiator. :(
  4. Yeah it looks fine though.
  5. are you sure you asked them the right question. i know of others who have ordered theirs from Steeda and they were more than happy to see that a radiator cover did come with the kit.
  6. Yes...the right question you must ask. Answer it will come for the question must be right to ask. lol...i dunno what im saying....
  7. Looks ten times better without the grille. Don't worry about the debris because if that was an issue than the Mach 1 would have a grille. Also I believe the pre 99' Mustangs did not have a grille either.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Decided to order it this morning, can't wait to get it switched out. :)

  9. what color stang do you have? I think the flaming pony looks awesome when you don't have the honeycomb or billet grill.
  10. Lol..u an your flaming ponies...:D
  11. You will not be dissappointed. I installed mine a few days ago and love it. The worst part was taking the old one off. It definately adds a different look to the car. :nice:

  12. I know I luv them :D maybe I should get a tatoo of it someday, that is if I ever actually get the balls to get a tatoo...hope u like your kit man!
  13. So now ur getting balls! Just a second ago u told that one dude u were a girl. Make up ur mind! :D

  14. ....a$z head you know what I mean... :D don't be a jerk...hehehe luv ya!
  15. Lol..its all in good fun!
  16. Black. I think I'll stick with the normal pony though. :)
  17. Well, I definitly like the look, but I've already noticed 3 bad dings in the radiator. Guess this wasn't a good idea after all. :(
  18. its not the radiator it is the a/c condensor...it will be fine without the grill there dont worry about the bent fins
  19. i like the way an aluminum grill looks...
  20. But that little flimsy honeycomb grill doesnt really provide any protection anyway its just for looks. I would think if any debris came through there that had enough force to damage the radiator that it would have ripped through the honeycomb grill easily. If a piece of debris can damge your radiator what makes you think the same debris wouldnt shred that flimsy piece of plastic? Well thats just my .02 cents.