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  1. Would any of you guys' recomend getting the MACH1000 put into my stang? I am thinking what to get, and I can't really seem to see anything that is as powerful and sounds as good as a setup (crossovers, tweeters, subs, amps, and speakers) than this...? So is there anyway of getting it installed any Mustang...just go to FORD parts & accessories? :shrug:

  2. Too expensive for me. I'd rather go to a professional audio store/installer and get a kick booty system put in. Had the Mach 460 in my other GT and it rocked! But, I'd hate to see what it would cost if you bought it from FORD.
  3. You think it would cost less for a complete set-up (tweeters and all..everything I mentioned up above) from some where like Ultimate Electronics/Best Buy?
  4. I'd just price it out. FORD is very expensive on everything!! I wouldn't go to Best Buy but a real audio performance store and tell them you want more performance than the Mach for less. See what they say. Couldn't hurt. They should have set ups that you can listen to......

    Just my 2cents.
  5. Yeah, but what do you guys' suggesst is a REAL audio store? Circuit City? UE?
  6. small shops
  7. Tweeter does good work as well.
  8. there are like 10 sound shops around here so they are pretty common
  9. Wow...I will have to ask around then. Most people I know go to either Circuit City or Ultimate Electronics. Which, to my surprise, have has some great experince with...but I don't know exactly what all to get...you know to have it sound good. I am lost!
  10. always go aftermarket, never go direct from ford, wheather its parts or stereo. they always put the minimum amount of effort to get by
  11. If you want to save some bucks you can always shop online too. You can find some good deals on eBay and online shops. Most the time you'll find the manufacturer wont offer a warranty on parts bought on the net but the money you save can often be worth it. A great place I deal with is www.onlinecarstereo.com. The have pretty decent prices and offer their own warranty on most products. I bought my deck, 4CH amp and my mono sub amp from them. My sub amp died like a week after the 1 yr warranty from their store expired but they replaced it anyway for free. The replacement has been running strong for the past 3 years now. :)
  12. the mach 1000 is a really nice system.. for a factory car, but you can get soo much better aftermarket, i work at a ford dealership so ive got to play with a few of the 1000's but they still dont come close to what the stereo sounds like in my blazer, also ford is very expensive, even working at a dealership i still dont buy parts directly from them, so id recomment aftermarket, tweeter does nice work, but i think they are a little pricey??, look on the net and small shops to see what you can come up with.
  13. i've never went wrong by getting my stereo stuff from Crutchfield. great selection, great prices, EXCELLENT tech support if you choose to install the system yourself. i've been buying ALL of my car stereo components at Crutchfield since the mid 80's and i can't say enough good things about them. top notch company! crutchfield.com is your hook-up!
  14. +1 for Crutchfield. I do all of my own car audio, headunits, subs, amps & caps...
    The Mach sound systems are not fun to play with I would be careful with mods.
    Theres some old posts in here!:dead: Circuit city went bankrupt in 09 it's just an online store owned by Systemax now.:ot: