would cold air be beneficial???

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  1. is the cold air kit for our car beneficial or would it be a waste of time??? also if i put cold air on would i have to get the computer tuned for it???
  2. Yes cold air kits are beneficial. They add both horsepower and in most cases increase gas mileage. Some cold air kits require tunes and some don't. Off the top of my head, K&N, BBK and Air Raid all make CAI that don't require tunes. Many others make kits that require tunes. It is generally agreed that you will get the most benefit from those that use tunes but the others are still useful. You can check out this article below on a comparison of several different cold air kits for the new cars.


    You can do a search and find many other discussions on the topic as it has been discussed countless times before.
  3. I wouldn't fool with the ones that don't require a tune. Get a CAI/tuner package from brenspeed or bamachips. Your going to need that tuner if you plan on doing a lot of mods.
  4. +1 on CAI and Tuner combo!!!
  5. +2 I just got the Steeda CAI with X3 tune ... what fun! Much better acceleration, and it stays consistent now through all RPM instead of fading after 4,000. :nice:
  6. As mentioned before, this has been beat to death here,but jsut to quickly answer the questions. Yes it is beneficial at least to some extent that it allows more "cooler" to the intake. The tuner is the key to unlocking the power in these cars, so whether or not the CAI needs it, get one! Can't go wrong with a tuner/CAI kit from either Brenspeed(where I got mine)or Bamachips.
  7. I have the Airaid and no tune, and I think its great. mitch