Engine Would I Benefit From A Tfs Stage 1 Cam On My Vortech Setup?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by InMyPrimeSVT, May 27, 2012.

  1. I'm adding a Vortech V3si to my 306 Cobra within the month and I'm wondering if I would benefit from swapping out the cam for a TFS Stage 1. As well, while I'm at it, should I put in an MSD distributor?
  2. MSD Distributors are known to fail in short time. The stock one is better quality. As for the TFS 1 Cam, only if you have heads to go with it. Don't bother with stock heads.

  3. What else do you have done besides the Vortech? If you're not tearing the motor down to do heads then don't bother with a cam swap. The TFS Stage 1 is what the FOX guys you. Oh and they love those alphabet cams too, stay away.
  4. Cool thanks for your reply!
  5. ALTHOUGH.....You have a Cobra so you already have better flowing heads and intake (than a GT) from the factory. And since you are getting tuned for the blower it would actually be the best time to upgrade the cam so it can be tuned along with the supercharger. I say go for it! From what I've read on a quick search people like the TFS stage 1 with superchargers.
  6. The Cobra heads flow like an extra beer fart over the GT heads. It's not enough difference to even consider it. The Cobra cam is bigger than the GT cam also, which compensates for the extra flow. So you are probably gaining even less swapping a cam on a Cobra vs. a GT.

  7. If the GT40's only offered a "beer fart" over the E7's then can you explain to me why thousands and thousands of Mustang enthusiasts have swapped E7's for the 40's over the years? Have you compared side by side an E7 and GT40 head? The difference in the port size is night and day especially the later castings without the thermactor ports.

    I've seen it discussed that Ford actually underrated the power of the Cobra's at 240 HP which is already 25 hp more than a GT has. And you can't tell me a Cobra intake manifold makes up for the extra 30-40 HP the Cobra's have over GT's!

    Not only that, but when you figure boost into the equation, cylinder head restriction suddenly becomes less important than it did before. But valve lift and duration suddenly become even MORE important with boost. That's not saying the stock cam does a crappy job with boost because it's really a great boost cam. But there are much better grinds out there than stock that will take better advantage of the boosted application and if he wants a cam now is the best time to do it due to him needing a tune anyway.
  8. yea i have seen you give alot of really bad advice on a lot of diff posts, but this one is the worst, my old cobra headed 85 with a letter cam and 10 lbs of boost on my old f0x car was a monster, the tfs cam is ok but there are better ones. i dont care what anyone says about the ford cams the f303 cam is one of the best cams you can put in a 5.0. and i have no problem beating cars with expensive ass head and cam combo's with my letter cam and ford racing heads........, put a f303 cam in the car, you will love the pull it gives you with the blower and it will run circles around the tfs stage 1, the gt40 cobra/lightning heads are a huge upgrade to stock e7 heads. a good set of ported e7 heads barely flow better then them. the cobra cam sucks, and i will tell you my old h/c/i car pulled a stock cobra with a procharger. there have been tons of people putting gt40 heads and intake on gt motors and run way better then the cobra's do stock,
  9. They put Gt40p heads on their cars, not the Gt40 heads from the Cobra. If someone gave me Cobra heads to put on a Gt car, it wouldn't be worth the cost of the gaskets to change them. You can get the flow numbers from the Weiss database, there's ver little difference. If you put a Cobra intake on a Gt car, it's almost the same as Cobra. The f cam is a different generation from the old sine grind letter cams, that's why it performs better.