would it help once headers are on...

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  1. ok guys i need your advice...

    just got my headers(bbk shorties)put on, would it be worth it if i get it a
    new tune??? oh by the way its paired up w/ an off-road h-pipe and flows, the
    headers made my car quite! but the mother gets up and plus one more thing, i got 3.55 pose from the factory, you guys think i should run 3.73's now? i got 18's in the rear with 285/35's....don't wanna run 4.10's i like dumping it to 3rd gear from 5th @ 80 mph on the freeway....

    any advise would help!!!
  2. If you got an off road pipe, a tune will benefit you.

    3.73 from 3.55 will go unnoticed. you will be disappointed. atleast a 4.10 from 3.55 will give you the perormance gain you want. You shouldnt be dropping into 3rd on the freeway at 80 to take off anyway. With a 4.10 4th gear becomes almost a 3rd gear which is enough., and your city driving will be much more enjoyed. think about it.
  3. alloy wet blanket???

    dude, if you wanna drop it into third at 70, 80, or 90 do it. just because somebody else wouldn't do it has no bearing on your life. jeesh!
  4. the point i was making is that he is probably a great driver but most people suck and dropping it into 3rd on the freeway to take off is dangerous because of stupid people drivers. Im not putting a bearing on his life either. JEESH!!!

    you are right he can do what he wants.

    the other point is you can do it in 4th with a 4.10 gear and get almost the same result. and going to 3.73 from 3.55 is a total and utter waste of money. it will result in hardly any increase in performance at all. its only a 0.18 ratio jump. thats nothing man.
  5. good point. lots of stupid drivers out there.

    btw: nice car. i was looking for alloy w/chamois interior myself but ended up w/redfire w/chamois interior cause i was impatient. good stuff.
  6. chamois is so nice looking. the black is common and to monotone. the gray is not my liking at all. the medium parchment seats looked to light. the chamois is sick. I'll have to post some pics.
  7. thanks alloy and norty...for the response!

    i just put another thread about 4.10's...i really need to convince myself to go 4.10 and not regret it one bit than switch if i don't like it...you know what i mean!

    good looking out!!!
  8. You should re tune the car. 4.10's are great. The only problem with 4.10's is 1st gear is a bit short, but that's a small price to pay for the gains you'll get.