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Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Paul D, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. I have a '98 Cobra and am interested in changing the exhaust system. But, unlike many others, I'm not into a loud system, and would like better performance, without the loud sound. I'd appreciate any opinions and recommendations, in response to this post. Note that I will NOT put on a Magnaflow system, due to personal reasons. On the other hand, I may be able to get a super deal on a Borla cat back system or possibly Flowmaster.

    But, I'm not tied to these two. I'd appreciate any recommendations for a quieter, high-performance system.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. 1st - Are you still running the stock H pipe? Are you just looking for a catback?

    Depending on how good of a deal you can get the Borla catback for, I'd probably go with them. What is it in particular that you don't like about Magnaflow (it sounds like their catback offers exactly what you are looking for: great performance without obnoxious/loud sound). :shrug:
    I would rate Bassani right up there as well. Flowmaster would be loud IMHO, so you probably don't want them. Of course, the best thing to do is to listen to a few different exhaust combos in person, if possible, since exhaust sound is such a subjective matter. The next best thing is to then check out www.mustangexhaust.com (plenty of sound clips & whatnot). G'luck! :cheers:
  3. Magnaflow, Borla or Bassani. Sorry if u dont like magnaflow but fact is they are one of the top exhaust makers. These three are also pretty much the quietest you can buy.
  4. If Magnaflow's out for whatever reason, and you've got the bucks to spend, the Borla's got a real nice, mellow tone.
  5. I have the stock H pipe with flowmasters and it's a bit on the loud side mostly because of the 2000-2200 rpm drone. I'm leaning towards magnaflow next.
  6. I'm so confused :scratch: I'm following this thread because I also would like a quiet sound with better performance than stock. On other threads some guys say Borla and Magnaflow are loud, and on this thread, they are quiet???

    03 Cobra Conv

  7. Terry, I can assure you that Magnaflows will be on the "quiet side" of the spectrum. However, since sound is a subjective matter, perhaps one of the older guys thought Magnaflow were on the louder end of the spectrum (if that's the case, then they must REALLY think Flowmasters are loud! LOL).

    Keep in mind that adding an off-road midpipe (X or H) will dramatically increase the noise, especially after an aftermarket catback has been installed. A high-flow X or H pipe is a good compromise, but it has been proven that changing the catback on the 03/04 yields the best gains (when compared to just swapping in a new mid-pipe by itself).

    I would check out the 03/04 Cobra forum of SVT Performance.com and search for all of the exhaust brands which you are interested in. I have listened to several exhaust clips (Magnaflow, Stinger, etc) in that forum and I think you will find a few different videos and soundfiles in there...
  8. 1. Can you rate for me (I realize this is subjective) from quietest to loudest, Bassini, Borla and Magnaflow?

    2. I have decided to not go with O/R midpipes, for several reasons including my desire to keep volumes low. So, should I keep my OE mid pipe section, or am I missing out on significant power upgrades by not swapping out that section to hign flow catted x or h pipes - in addition to a new cat back system?

    3. If you recommend swapping my OE for aftermarket catted midpipes:
    which one, x or h, and which brand and why?
  9. terrydf - check your PM inbox :)
  10. Note to Paul D: Sorry... wasn't meaning to hijack your thread! :nice:
  11. Terry,
    I have a '97 Cobra convertible with Bassani X and magnaflow cat-back. I don't think its loud at all. Just like Goldilocks--not too soft, not too loud, just right.
  12. Hey....no Magnaflow for "personal" reasons.....

    mind if I ask what Magnaflow did to make you angry?

    Maybe I can help, even if you dont buy Magnaflow this time, I would like to know so I can bring it to the proper person's attention...so if it was something we did, I can make sure it does not happen again

    (I work for Magnaflow, so thats why Im curious)
  13. I have a '97 Cobra with a UPR offroad X-pipe, and welded in Flowmaster original 40 series mufflers. I first got the mufflers welded in. IMO, this was WAY too quiet. So I installed the X-pipe. At first I thought it was nice and loud, but now I think it's still a tad too quiet.

    Everything is subjective when it comes to exhaust. Good tone is bad tone to others, loud is quiet to others, and vise versa. Flowmasters are going to be the loudest of the bunch though, and offroad mid pipes will be louder then catted mid pipes.

    If you want quiet, go with one of the straight through designed catbacks (bassani, borla, magnaflow)

    However, judging by how concered you are with loudness, I say leave the stock catback. In the 96-98's, the major constriction is in the midpipe. So I would recommend getting an aftermarket mid pipe, and leaving the stock catback for superior quietness. The piping on the catback for our cobras isn't that restrictive stock, i'd say you might see 1-2hp by upgrading the catback piping alone. (stock everything else including muffler)

    So, get a midpipe, and call it a day. [​IMG]

  14. Whats up man? I do realize you do not like Magnaflow but they do make some awesome products. A co-worker that I know has a 96 Cobra with the Magnaflow catted X pipe and the magnaflow magnapack. The magnapack is slightly louder than their regular catback but wow his setup sounds sweet! Kind of exotic sounding. The magnaflow catted X and one of their catbacks will give you good performance gains while not sound to loud. Plus their price is more reasonable than Borla. But, if you have the $$$ to spend, Borla has always been reliable. I myself prefer the chambered sound and an offroad H pipe. Dynomax also makes some great mufflers, straight throughs, that are on the quiet side like Magnaflows, that you might want to look into. The stock catbacks on 96-98s are not that restrictive and actually flow decently well. Its the stock mufflers that really hold things back.
  15. I was convinced by some on this forum and on other forums... I ordered a Magnaflow catback system :D
  16. Very nice! :nice: Did you get the magnapack or the regular catback? Congradulations again.

    Peace :flag:
  17. I ordered the regular system, not the magnapacks. I'm looking for performance with moderate (read not loud) sound levels. I'm not planning to change my midpipes for now. I'm taking a wait and see perspective.
  18. Hey just so you all know, his personal reasons were not due to the quality of the Magnaflow product, or customer service he received here.

    Paul D works for a company that does business with us, and I will leave it at that.