Would like you oppinion on tires, pls.

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  1. hello, Folks.

    It is about time to put new tires on my project car.
    I did like Cooper Cobra Radial G/T with Raised White Letters when I saw then on some older Mustangs.

    Although I really like them, I am afraid they would look too tacky on a Mustang II GHIA?

    What would you guys say? Are RWL tires a good choice for my MII?
    ( Click here to see it!)

    BTW, I have recently updated my project web site with January and February pictures. If you are interested, please click here to visit it.

    Take care!
  2. Just my $0.02, but if you still have the half vinyl roof and opera windows on your ghia, then I'd avoid white letter tires. They just dont jive with the formal lines. With a full vinyl roof, they'd maybe look ok if you have a racy colour on the car.

    In my opinion, best bet for a ghia is either blackwall with lacy rims or white walls with the hubcaps.
  3. JH, thanks for your $0,02 :nice:
    Please, click here to see what the vinyl looks like and please tell me what you think about the RWL on a car like that.
    I tend to agree with you that a RWL tire would, maybe, look too excessive for that formal look...
  4. Andre, since you have the aluminum slot wheels, which were an optional wheel on some years of Ghia, I'd say the RWL would look fine. After all, if you bought that car new with those rims, it would have come with RWL tires from one of three manufacturers that Ford used.
  5. Yeah I agree, with the slotted aluminum rims RWL tires look best. I think Cooper Cobra's are one of the few choices left in a 13" RWL tire.
  6. One more vote for the RWL :nice:

    I'm biased because I have the slotted rims with Coopers on my Ghia...looks great to me :D


    BTW: You will find the car rides a little harsher on the Cooper Cobras than other brands, they are a pretty hard compound. Not the greatestest for traction (which impresses the kids at stoplights ;) ) but they do last much longer than say a Radial TA or other RWL tires. I like them so much, I bought another set for the project, plus they were one of the few RWL tires in the size I wanted (295/50/15).
  7. YUP, YUP, I agree with Francis totally. I had Radial T/A's and removed them and put on the Cooper Cobras on my white laced rims. Check out my pics on here or i can send you another directly if you want to see what they look like. In fact, the T/A radials were brand new and are still on the steel rims in storage. I like the coopers MUCH better, but, yes, they are are harder compound. I notcied that before they ever put them on the rims. But... I will never go back. :spot:
  8. Great restoration! Its easily as good as any restored Mustang II I've seen here in the states!

    I dunno about the RWL tires with a Ghia though...even with the slot mags I would consider blackwalls. The tires you have now look fine with the car and wheels.

    Keep up the great work.
  9. It's not a good pic, but here's a white Ghia w/ RWL from the .net site


    My personal opinion is that the RWL look good on this era cars, especially with the slot mags. What I absolutely cannot stand are the cars with whitewalls on mag wheels. That's just wrong :D

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  10. do the coopers come in a wide 13" i have search all ove and the only wide 13" ive been able to find is a sumitomo 215-50-13 htr 200 8.6 is the over all width it looks to be a great tire it isnt a rwl but is supposed to be an awesome performance tire it can be seen here http://sumitomotire.com/theline/product.asp?id=5 has anyone run these before or know of another good performance 13" tire
  11. Cooper's widest tire for a 13" rim is a 205. I have them on my Mustang right now just for the car to sit on till after I get it painted. Then I get some custom made rims and some street slicks. There pretty nice tires for a stock MII. They sure squeel pretty loud thats for sure. I bought mine brand new and then decided to turn the car into a project. So when I'm done with them I'll sell the brand new RWL Cooper Cobra GT's on the origanal slotted 4 lugs W/ the center caps. So I'll let you guys know when I am ready to do that.

  12. Those Sumitomo 215/50-13s are only 21.6" tall, way to short. Almost 2" shorter than stock, they will throw your speedo and gas mileage off. And it will look like a 4x4 unless it's lowered.
  13. White letters out all the way!

    I would have but, I have Coopers front/BFG's back, I think white letter tires look tacky when the fronts don't match the back. The Ghia was the Luxury model but any II is sporty enough to get away with it. :D
  14. [Those Sumitomo 215/50-13s are only 21.6" tall, way to short. Almost 2" shorter than stock, they will throw your speedo and gas mileage off. And it will look like a 4x4 unless it's lowered.]

    im going to recalibrated for the speedo anyway since ill be changeing the gears maybe even do a 8.8 rear disc swap from a 87-88 thunder chicken and it will be lowered about 2 inches so that will make up the differnce there and gas mileage was shot to he77 with the 0.40 overbore and weind stealth intake 750cfm holley and ford racing e303 cam (its an 87 roller block) and dynomax headers think god its not a daily driver lol my 40 miles towork and 40 miles home every day would be killer at 1.79 a gallon but im hopeing to make up for that with an aod tranny if i can figure out how to make it work but has anyone tried the sumitomo htr200's id like to know how good a tire they are how well the hook up how long they last how good they hold the road and so on ttyl
  15. I have 235/50/13 tires on the back of my II. They look dumb! A II really needs 205/70/13" front 235/70/13's rear but knowbody makes them! Falken used to have a 215/65/13 that looked really good. (I had them on the back of the Ghia). They have long since been discontinued. I have desided to go to 15" wheels. 13" is a dead tire size and 14" does not seem to be to far behind. I do not think the II is small to get away with 50 series 13" rubber. You could not lower the car enough to make it look right.
  16. Guys,

    Thank you all for the inputs.

    Decision is taken: They will be Cobra´s RWL! :nice:


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  17. cooper's look nice but their traction sux.