Forced Induction Would This Be A Good Way To Go???

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  1. Saleen Series IV Supercharger COMPLETE

    Here is a setup that I am looking at for my stock 2002 GT. Any idea how much hp this will make and would this be better than a TorkTech setup? I am ready to commit to the purchase but need to know if this is the best way to spend $3500
    Saleen Series IV charger (Whipple Style) off an '04 Saleen with ~30K miles.complete kit including factory cold air intake setup and 70mm TB, 42 lb injectors, Lightning 90mm MAF (NEW), Ford GT fuel pump used for less than 1,000 miles, MoSaleen idler (NEW), and Pulley Boys 2.9 pulley (NEW), as well as the original Saleen pulley. Has been gone through and checked and has new gaskets installed. I also have a BRAND NEW set of braided intercooler lines from 21st Century Performance. Comes with lower intercooler, overflow tank, tank bracket, working pump, working fans, etc. Basically this will come with everything but a belt. Just needs one of those and a new owner. Will also throw in a NEW steering column single gauge pod with NEW boost gauge
  2. Looks like this is the route that I am going I sealed the dela just a little while ago. Any idea what kind of hp I will be looking at?
  3. How much boost are you going to run?
  4. I am hoping to run 8-10 lbs of boost. I am not familiar with this style charger. I am use to centrifugal in which I ran 9 lbs on my 91 fox. I am going to go with a full Bassani exhaust using long tubes. I am also changing the stock gears to either 3.73 or 4.10. I am hoping I can get between 400-425 hp with setup. I figure I can run this while I build another setup with forged internals,new heads,cam etc... I am going to try for at least 600 rwhp on the forged setup.
  5. I wouldn't do anymore boost than that on the factory internals. Im sure you could hit them numbers but I'm not very familiar with the chargers they put on the saleens. Are the Eaton's like the ones on the cobras? What heads are you going to run on your new set up?
  6. Here is what I found out about the type IV superchargers.

    The Series IV debuted in 2003. It's a 1600cc Lysholm screw-type supercharger, distinguished from earlier units by it's black case. The more efficient design caused horsepower to increase to 375hp @5800, with maximum torque of 415 ft-lbs @ 3500rpm. 228 of the 388 non-"Extreme" cars produced in 2003 were supercharged. The Series IV was also used in 2004.

    I am not sure what heads or cam setup that I will be using. I plan on talking to several manufacturers to discuss combinations.
  7. I can't be certain on the amount of power you will he putting down since I have no experience with these chargers. If your going to stay 2v then get some trick flow heads. But whatever you do stay away from MMR. I have had nothing but headaches for the last year because of them
  8. I have not dealt with MMR. I have used trick and had good results.
  9. Im guessing, and only guessing here. A 2.1 kenne bell with all the ad on goodies will get you between 4-and 420 rwhp according to them. I also guessing this kit is a little less efficient(I could be wrong). I would estimate it between 390-400 rwhp. 9lbs is about all I would do as far as boost.
  10. This kit will cost me $3500. Does this seem to be a fair price? I like the look better than a centrifugal.
  11. If I were you I would try to find a Kenne bell or Whipple if your wanting to run a pd blower. That's just me though I run a KB and I love it. You can get a used kit for that price
  12. A 2.1 will get you to 420rwhp. Only thing is if you want to push the boost up past 12 or 14 once you build your motor you are pissing in the wind with the 2.1