Would this work?

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  1. Okay, I don't know a whole lot about stereos and the like, so bear with me.

    After much looking around for a new radio head unit for my 94GT, I came up empty handed. I don't like the little small buttons on every unit I saw. Just not user friendly for me.
    However, I do like my stock system in my 2001. It's just a base system. No Mach or anything like that. So this leads me to my question.

    If I was to find a newer 2001+ car in the junkyard, could I not take out that whole center trim set with the stereo and transplant it in my 94? The only thing I can see that changed was the whole radio/CD combo thing and the foglight/defroster buttons. But the vents and HVAC controls are all the same.

    What do you guys think? It'd be a cheap upgrade and I'd be happy with the big buttons.

    Thanks in advance for the help! :nice:
  2. I am looking to do the same thing for my 99GT.
  3. Thanks for the TTT. :nice:
  4. it would be possible but i dont know how easy it would be, it might be pretty hard and require some work but its definately possible. also, your not going to be able to get that whole piece for that cheap... new head units aerent all that much money either... like 100 bucks for a pretty good new one.
  5. Here is what I got up to now....

    I already have the 6CD changer unit on hand. When I compare it to my original ( 2 piece) headunit setup (my car is a 99GT with mach460) it looks like almost all the connections at the back are different.

    I asked the dealer if there is a connector set that they sell for the conversion but they said I will have to buy the whole wiring harness for 01+ mustangs which is $1500+ but the guy said I can make an adapter myself by soldering the wires myself.

    For now I am going with an aftermarket unit, if it gets stolen again I will definetly go with this setup.
  6. Thanks guys!

    I would think the setup is different between the Mach and the regular old on in my 94GT. But I'll see if I can't get my hands on two stock units and compare them both. I don't see Ford changing anything wiring wise between the stock units to keep cost down. Who knows, I'll have to see.

    Lately I've been up for a challenge with my cars. I'm trying out my hand on the electrical thing lately. Then my brother and I thought of this and the gears in my head just started rolling.

    Thanks again!