Would this work?

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Yea or nah?

  1. Yes, pull both stunts on anyone stupid enough to take it.

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  2. I would only do the first option if I were you.

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  3. I would only do the 2nd option if i were you.

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  4. Are you crazy? Your gonna get ur ass kicked!

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  1. Ok i had someone come up to me and ask me a question today. I thought of a peculiar answer that technically isn't lying but could be considered lying at the same time.

    I happen to have NOS seat covers and floor mats. I have a nitrous works nitrous kit.

    Ok so here is what happened. The guy wanted to race me but he saw my NOS seat covers; so then he asks "Oh, so you got NOS or are those just some gay seat covers"

    My response of course is "No, I don't have NOS. They are just gay seatcovers" Then of course he asked me to race for real and i turned him down even though i would have won.

    See now im torn between the fact that technically i didnt lie. I told him i didn't have NOS because i don't. I have "nitrous works". Do yall think i would get jumped if i had raced him and took his money and he found out?

    I also thought of another perspective that would more then likely get me beat up. If a guy would ask " Hey man you got nitrous in that sucker" and my response could be "No, I don't have NOS".

    Once again im not lying; Im just not answering the question he asks. He would figure im the typical domestic ricer that thinks NOS=nitrous. But, of course i would still know that i do in fact have a nitrous kit on the car. What do you guys think.

    Try to pull the ruse? Yes or no?
  2. Do it up, screw him for saying that your wal-mart seat covers are gay...you like them right...
  3. In your second option, you still anser, No" to the fact of having nitrous, which is a lie. You DO have notrous, and that was what was asked in that question. I definately would stick with that first answer. Now who is the ricer?
  4. They are actually from Oreillys and they are quite conforatable....
  5. Well it doesn't matter now, i didnt really know the guy. But, i could definately use this in future encounters...
  6. To make things simpler, maybe next time, just deck the guy when he's done asking stupid questions. Oh wait, this was at work wasn't it? Yea, just lay him flat, that's the best course of action!
  7. Who cares if you lie to sucker someone into betting money. A person should only bet money when he knows how well he can do and can afford to lose. Last time I checked, I dont remember any rules in betting on a race. Just tell him it's stock. That's what 3/4 of the fast mustang guys around Indy say. It's quite amusing. Around here, theres two kinds of stock. Theres factory stock and Mustang stock. First thing they say when you ask, "So what you have done?" is "It's stock." Hahaha =D
  8. Im not really a violent person...
  9. This f00 is crazy! When we first met he kept trying to get me to race him, "it has nitrous but I don't have the bottles with me." Later on that night I got on here and he raced some cobra the same night and sprayed :rlaugh: :lol:

    You gonna be out here this weekend or anything? Put some cobra 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'z on my car and stuff but its still slow :(
  10. Yea im comming back up there tommorow afternoon...im leaving on monday though to go back to school...

    P.S. i think ur little quote at the bottom of your sig explains my point of view nicely :D