Roush Would upgrading to an "E" engine affect resale value negatively?

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  1. I am looking into this option, using an E supercharger and short block, and getting the other pieces seperate. Would this detract from the cars worth? Or would using official Saleen parts add to the worth of the car? I am kind of wary about switching out a perfectly good engine, but this seems to be the best (if not cheapest) way to get really good power increases. If this was done well, using all Saleen sourced parts, would it be a good idea? I know it will be expensive, but from a car value standpoint, what do you guys think?
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    If you were looking at an authentic saleen that had the engine upgraded to the E specifications, would it be a plus or a minus? Please be honest, I really want to see what everyone thinks.
  3. You would be better off in both the short, and the long run to trade your current Saleen on an "E" if that is what you really want as far as power plants go.

    If yo watch a bit of the B-J Car Auction this weekend on SpeedTV you will learn quite a bit about what changing parts/engines does to a cars value and collectability.
  4. upgrading to the series V superchager would certainly boost performance. If you sold it with the blower still attached, you cant really figure in the dollar amount of difference the V adds vs the stock series II or III. However, the twin screw V would command a pretty penny on EBAY or to a '99 or newer mustang owner looking to supercharger their vehicle. Bottom line, your car, your choice, but have fun with it. :nice:
  5. The E is a joke... Forged block with 11 or 12psi of boost, and only rated 440 fwhp (about a lousy 370rwhp???)?
    Just throw a safe 9psi KB in your stock block and you'll be making over 500HP ...

    I guess my saleen is now a EE ...XE ...or whatever you want to call it ...

  6. I used to believe the same as you, until I started reading and understanding the block and componts. 1st, the '03 E model shows about ~407 to 416 rwhp 100% stock. 2nd, the blower has alot more potential in it in terms of boost. Increase the boost to 20 psi and it will put your 500 rwhp number to shame. Basically, I believe the lysholm blower is as good or better then the KB. Not to mention the T56, etc that you get with the E model. Certainly not for me, but worthly of "supercar" status with just some small mods.
  7. I wish you were right but I compared so many times the numbers and reviews.
    The E lysholm is not as efficient as the KB, because of intercooler design and different screws lobes number/angle or whatever. The lysholm requires more HP to drive. The numers are obvious: The S281-E is 11 or 12psi and ok.. maybe 407 to 416rwhp...
    The 9psi KB on my car made 433rwhp on dyno (that's 510HP, more than a Viper). At 11psi, KB is rated over 460rwhp, that's about 100fwHP more than the Lysholm of the E at same boost level....
    At only 15psi, the KB makes 507rwhp, can't imagine the numbers of 20psi...

    And for the T56, that's a 2700 bucks upgrade from D&D...and comes stock on 03cobra. I don't see why the S281-E is so damn expensive...
  8. What kind of things need to be done to a saleen after switching the series IV s/c to a KB? How much is the KB? It seems like there is a dramatic increase in horsepower.
  9. The E is built a little better, better clutch, max grip rearend, hand built and forged bottom end... I would like to see your car run around on 15-18 psi of boost as a daily driver, if your bottom end is not built. Also the 15 psi and 507rwhp is on race fuel. Don't get me wrong I love the KBs they are an awesome blower, but the E is an awesome car.
  10. Well this is the problem about the Saleen E vs the 03-04 Cobra. When Ford came out with the 03 Cobra everybody started questioning the high price of Saleen's. I mean really even the entree level Saleen cost more than a new Cobra. Don't get me wrong, I love the Saleen's but it's getting harder and harder to justify the price vs performance argument.
  11. Usually people don't buy Saleens JUST for performance. If you did then you would be wasting money. To me there is no comparing the E with the 03/04 Cobra. The E will beat it every where stock for stock. But thats what you get when compare 68,000 vs. 34,000. Me, if I had the money I would buy an E.
  12. I can make my 95' vert look like a Saleen fairly inexpensively. So if I buy a Saleen, it won’t be just for looks, more for the whole package, and I will want it to be original. No bolt-ons etc... So IMO you do risk lowering the value of a Saleen when modifying it.
  13. Well, to get back to Acheron's original question.
    I do not believe doing your motor up would affect the resale of your car negatively. (as long as you kept EVERY nut, bolt and part you replaced to reach your motor goals.) ability to put it back to original Saleen stock.
    I would have to say that if I was in the market for a used Saleen 99-04, and had the choice of purchasing a nicely done E-motor upgrade in an original (Saleen) car )like what Acheron is proposing or a nice low mileage E car, I would have to go with the E car original.
    This is simply because there are two types of Saleen buyers.
    1. The guy who wants an original Saleen and is on a limited budget.( in which case he would not be in the market for Acheron's car because I am assuming that Acheron would want to get the extra value in monies out of it he put into it. ??? (motor upgrade) That would put his car out of reach of that consumer.
    2. The other Saleen buyer like myself (an old guy compared to most of the guys here) would spend whatever it took to land a clean, used S281E to meet my wants/needs. The guy that will plunk down 48-55 grand on a 02-03 S281E is a very small niche customer. I know because I am one.
    Like I said earlier, Acheron would want to get some of those dollars back I assume?
    If you want that kind of rwhp do what some of the others proposed and build your motor anyway you want. Just don't build it in anticipation of selling your 01 SC for an E-Car price. (no offense implied) It is a fantastic concept, but the pool of prospective buyers at that level will go with an original E car.
    Look, you own an original 01 S281 S/C. It will always be that. Build your bottom end and purchase the Series V blower. Pick up a max-grip diff and S351 center exhaust while you are at it. ( those center pipes rob a few horsepower by the way, but I think they look fantastic! That's another subject. ) ( save your series 2 blower in a box ) If you ever decide to sell, configure it back to stock with the stock parts. SO what if you have built the bottom end. Just consider it into the depreciation. If anyone ask's, "yes, it's a Saleen" There are only a few hundred guys on the face of the planet that will be able to tell the difference between the two blowers anyway. I promise you will never get a guy asking you up front, " Is that an E -Car? " Most of the time it's "Is that a real Saleen?"
    00s281sc386 has the best setup on his car for the money and performance. He can achieve E-car performance with a lot less money with that KB blower. That kit is fantastic!
    Personally I would buy that guys 03 S281 S/C Cobra on e-bay for 42 large. Now that's the best bang-for-your-buck-in-a-authentic-Saleen-package I have ever seen. A new Cobra motor, and a numbered car. Do the usual 03-04 Cobra motor upgrades like intake, pully, chip and exhaust, and bingo. You have big rwhp #'s.
    Building your motor to E car specs is more than just the bottom end and a blower.