would you buy this for $100?

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  1. i bought this car for $100 lastnight. its a 79 LX with a 4-banger. sat for 2 years, but fired right up. other than a slight miss, it ran nice. cleaned the plugs and distributor, and she runs great. clutch is like new, and the car will bark the tires going into second! i am actually impressed with its power (for being a 4 banger) i bought this car, to drive as a daily driver, until my jeep project is done, and i can take an 86 GT, and turn this sucker into an 86 GT, with the 5.0L i cleaned most of the interior, but havent cleaned the body yet. here she is
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  2. pics no workie.
  3. they work on my computer :shrug:

    here are the links anyway





    i just got all the lights working except for the dash lights (going to buy new bulbs in a few) i have one slight problem though. when the car is running, it doesnt have any misses, and runs great. as soon as i turn any accessory on it has a slight miss. its definitely a power draw from the ignition. im gonna poke around with my testor, tomorrow when i have daylight, but in the mean time, does anyone know what might cause this? im thinking battery or the alternator, but the accessories work fine, and dont have a loss of power. the car starts with a full charge everytime. heck, it might even be some lame wiring job. :shrug:
  4. Does it have a turbo or is that badge phony? Not a bad find for $100!
  5. any running car is worth 100 easy. keep it a 79, just clean it up. you dont see those running around very often. drop a v8 in it though, I love the sound of a 5.0 with straight pipes.
  6. excellent find for 100 bucks
  7. if it's an actual turbo, i'd keep that engine in it as long as it ran alright, repaint it of course and it looks like it could use some interior work. i would have bought it for $100.
  8. Carb turbos aren't that great...
  9. n/a 2.3's arent that great either.....i bet that carb turbo beat the crap outta my n/a lol
  10. i realize this, i was just stating that because of the fact that there really aren't many factory turbo carb 2.3s out there.
  11. ditto, however i dont anyknow anyone that would go the lengths of putting the cobra bading on the door panel tho... however i did see a geo metro with spinner hub caps.

    any car for a 100 bucks if it runs and drives is a steal
  12. I'd restore it stock, resell it and get a GT or V8 lx. But you got a deal for $100. congrats!
  13. i'd restore it and keep it, there aren't many of them running around... but take those cobra emblems off too.
  14. it originally was a turbo, but the engine was swapped. i fixed all the bugs, except for dashlights, i gotta put a new dash top in it, and install my audiobahn stereo crap, that i just took out of the jeep. ill be painting it, in the next month or so. are the cobra emblems on the doors, and fender just add ons, from wally world or somethin? i know the fender emblem looks fake, but the door panel ones, look pretty real, but probably not. ( ill be taking them off, because its not a cobra) so it runs great, doesnt even have a chip in any of the glass. im also taking off, the stupid purplish chipping window tint. the tires are like new too! definitely worth the money! ill be driving this as a daily driver starting friday, until we get the 302, in the 86 GT. then ill either sell it, or keep it for mileage. the main reason i need it, is because, im tearing apart my 66 jeep truck, to use for parts on my restoration jeep. its goin on 39.5"s and getting a 350 chev, hopefully turbo'ed. (it has an amc 327) getting a ful roll cage, ect. its a project ive wanted to do since i was 13.
    (im now 18) any suggestions on what to use to replace the carpet? i dont want more carpet, because it holds water, and it rains here constantly :notnice: thanks guys. ill keep it updated, to let you know, how the $102 car goes (bought blinker bulbs for 2 bucks :) )
  15. throw some line x in there
  16. Or some undercoating.
  17. I would use line-x or some other truck bedliner before I'd use undercoating...since undercoating contains asphalt, that would just be nasty if it was hot outside.
  18. id buy it in a heartbeat
  19. Rubberized undercoating is clean to touch when dry and comes in a spraycan.
  20. It still has asphalt in it, and I personally wouldn't spray it on the interior of a vehicle. I doubt it's anywhere near as durable as truck bedliner either.