would you buy this for $100?

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  1. at least it ran i picked up a 90 4cyl for $150 with a blown headgasket.i aint complaining.good deal.
  2. I wouldn't put either in my car so there. lol :)
  3. If not carpet, I'd just get a rubber floor mat like they put in trucks and cut it to fit.
  4. First thing I'd do is take that hippy peace sticker off the dash.
  5. the kid that owned it before me (i bought it from his dad) was a total stoner. left that hippie peace sticker, and some 80s death metal sticker on the window, and i also found a pepsi pipe lol yes, i finally got the stickers off, and the dash is complete. i cleaned up the wheels, and ill be painting it this weekend. im also working on installing my alarm and stereo in it. people think its rediculous, to put an alarm on it because "noones gonna steal the car" im not worried about it getting stolen! im worried about the stereo getting stolen! and honestly id rather put my alarm in, and feel a lot better about parking it in my alley.and besides, i already have the alarm. took it outta my jeep. (its getting tore down for parts, for the other jeep project)
    anyway, ill post some pics of it, when i get it painted.
  6. Damn right I woulda bought that thing. The car in my sig I bought for 100 dollars except it needed an alternator and a starter before it started back up.

  7. That looks like a 79 cobra to me. Those are 79 cobra door panels. Is there a spot on the dash by the right vent where a round emblem is/was? There is no way to tell if it was a cobra by the vin, but if it had a turbo, the it is a good chance it was. I have a 79 cobra 5.0 auto. If you take those emblems off of the door panels, PM me. I will buy them.
  8. it IS a cobra. i will be keeping the door emblems. i just painted it flat black over the weekend, and its lookin goooooood, and running perfect. i was able to get that major dent pretty straight. all i had to use was a drill, slide hammer, grinder, wire wheel, bondo and body filler. i had nothing else :bs: turned out pretty good though. im heading out to where i bought it, tomorrow, to return the battery he let me borrow, and see if i can get the turbo, that was originally in the car, and put it on this motor. other than turbo, intake, and exaust pipes, are there any other things i need to get? is the sensor (no longer there) in the exaust manifold, have somethin to do with the turbo, or is it just for the turbo light? i believe all the engine parts, and turbo, are sitting in the back of another one of his mustangs. i also bought a model of my car yesterday, because my friend was walking to the automotive section at walmart to get some sandpaper, and saw a model of a fox body out of the corner of his eye, and it was a turbo cobra! so we both bought one, because we couldnt resist. so im digging around in a box of old model parts from when i was little, and giving him a 351 engine to put in his model (his car is an 82 GT getting a 351) on the back of the box it claims, that "the turbo 4 cylinder, has enough power to make v8 owners weep" which i personally dont believe it, but theres only one way to find out :D turbo time!
    also, if someone has some cool cobra emblems to go on the fenders, let me know. whats your opinion on the turbo???
  9. I am supposed to be getting a turbo pace car this weekend, so I should be able to get you some pictures of how the turbo goes and works.

    I was not trying to screw you out of your door emblems, I just didn't want to see them get pitched.

    You got a great buy on the Cobra. There is alot of info on them at foureyedpride.com!
  10. i know that. if i was taking them off, id definitely hand em over to you, but i found out, its not a fake. worked late today, so i have to go out to the place, to get the turbo tomorrow..........of course after i go get my gf a b-day present, and bring my rally car, to my buddys house :Damnit:
    hopefully he'll just give me the crap. chances are, he'll want me to take the car that theyre sitting in too. its free, and theres a reason for it. its a rusted out notch that has nothing good on it. bad panels glass, interior motor, ect. pics would be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. is a turbo, gonna make that much of a difference??
  11. If you have to take that notch, you could sell it for scrap if it is shot. We get $120 per ton for scrap at our local scrap yard. We have to take the gas tank and tires off of them, but they take the rest of the car.

    Just a thought.
  12. i would, but i dont have a trailor, that i could easily use. i would have to borrow my dads. AND, id have to use his truck. my jeep pickup doesnt have a hitch. and my diesel is a pile. i think, ill just try to get the parts, and if he tells me to take the whole car, ill offer him some money for just the parts. hes a pretty cool guy, so i dont think there will be any probs.