Would you DRive this car?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by kosmos, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. As long as the top was up, and the windows were tinted with 1% so noone could see me, then yes.
  2. poor cobra :(

    they didnt get a polished alternator? come on now..
  3. No, I wouldnt. The person I sold it to prolly would. Should be worth 6-7K :shrug: I would keep the amps though. They would go in the Lincoln and id put my Xtant in the Cobra :nice:

    EDIT: I do LOVE the suade covering on the dash and doors! If I had the cash I would cover all he black plastic in mine with black suade. :drool:
  4. not if my life depended on it:nono:

    well ok but that would be the only way
  5. no, but i'd enjoy whippin his ass at the track. One of two things could happen,

    1 All the a/v stuff will make the driver stall off the line or get sidetracked watching tv.
    2 Half that attempt at styling is going to fly off the car resulting in the moron driver running over it and managing to get stuck on his on bumper resulting in them either bouncing of the rev limiter and slinging a rod oiling down the track thus ruining a lot of people's day out, Or managing to miraculously hit the wall.


    Hey say i give him the opportunity to succeed, Stages well, launches nice and hard only to have a flavor flav sized tach land dead center on the cawk :nice:
  6. *Tugs on shirt* "You've officially been pimped".
  7. :rlaugh:

    it does have "Tuner" mufflers on it:nice::nice::nice:
  8. You would have to pay me alot to even talk to the owner of that car let alone drive it.
  9. yup, after I took the bumpers, side skirts, wing, and stickers off
  10. +1 to that brother.
  11. the shear horror of that car is astounding.

    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!
  12. are you a ricer? wtf no one here would drive that thing i sure as hell wouldnt, you couldnt give those cars to me i'd be embarassed to be caught even staring at that mustang
  13. Not to mention a few small changes to the interior....:eek:
  14. Well I love 3rd gen RX-7s. I love the 2nd gens too. I had a R-1 in Mica yellow, a 2+2 GXL in Winning Silver, a red Vert, a black Turbo II, a red GTU, a blue GSL-SE. But that Veil Side kit I do not care for. I like the third gen with the A-spec body and b-spec wing. :nice: That kit there looks terriable and looked like crap in Fast& Furious. :notnice:
  15. the driver of that ricestang explains why it looks the way it does
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