would you give .

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  1. i am bored so i was just wondering if you would ever trade anything for the one you love the most?
    I would not trade anything for my bf. :)
  2. I'd trade my SRT-4 for a Cobra. :shrug:
  3. Well, I've got to imagine that there is an amount of money I would trade for her...as would 99% of everyone else...how much...a lot...probably depend on my mood at the time.
  4. Well, seeing as the only "one" that I love at the moment is my car...I'd trade it for the right amount of cash :)
  5. :lol: i'm with ya there.
  6. What the Hell kinda question...
  7. :stupid:

    And amanda its "bored" :rolleyes:
  8. Git board alot?
  9. this raises a very important question..... Hey 351, ive got a pack of mt dew and couple of hockey cards, lets make a deal :shrug: :D
  10. You know the saying "There is no such thing as a dumb question" ? Well from now on that saying is null and void. This is by far the dumbest freakin' question I ever heard. If you truly love a person (not material items) you wouldn't give them up for any amount of money,power or any other physical item. If you did you would be the most selfish POS on the planet. Not to metion some guy's not going to walk up to you and say hey I'll give you a million dollars for your girlfriend/boyfriend. Dumb dumb dumb dumb.
  11. svoman, i agree...but your wrong, it happens in hollywood :) You could have waited a little longer to post ... Really puts a bad shade on my pending bargining ;)
  12. i am not stupid :bs:
    you guys are off the subject :rolleyes:
  13. You're off your rocker.
  14. i didn't know i had one :lol:
  15. That's how long you've been off.
  16. I don't like mt dew or hockey....do better...
  17. mm, got 2 volvo IC's and 2% milk?
  18. You're giving milk for milk?
  19. Milk? She's pregnant? :shrug: