would you give .

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  1. 2% has more protien with less fat ;)
  2. Well, I'd trade my wife for a new '05 decked out the way I wanted it.

    My boy, I'd trade for hmmmm, a few more bay's on my garage.

    My girl, I'd trade her for ... zero debt.

    There, how's that?
  3. well atleast your honest.... and a slu of other adjectives ;)
  4. Maybe I'll take the boy. I need some on to change muh oil.
  5. Sorry Cro, someone cut me a deal. They're all gone.

    Power of the internet.
  6. ok you little freak :chair: :stupid: . I don't think it is dumb question.I think the only thing that is dumb would be you. I was asking for other peoples opinon. And you don't have to be smart a$$. :bs:
  7. quiet mustanggrn....im still working on the barter with 351... i also have a spare t5 that needs synchros.
  8. Yuo lose.
  9. :scratch: Well I do admit I was missing your post but I never saw this one comming :D
  10. I would trade my gf for a wrecked 85.5 svo.

    as long as the motor, tranny, wiringharness, rearend, bumber cover, rims and headlight pannel are all good iam happy.

    Then for the last part of the trade I would need it swapted over.

    or 50 grand :D
  11. lol i can picture you doing the last one crovax..