Would You Let The Dealer..........

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  1. ........drive your car 60 miles from another dealership to get your car 4 days earlier?

    Anyway, now it turns out the car is in West Palm Beach (60 miles away) but not scheduled to arrive on the truck until Monday (but may not be able to have it till Tuesday).

    The Salesguy (who has been REALLY HELPFUL) said he would go tomorrow and pick it up, bring it back, and "prep" it for Thursday pickup.

    I said "hell no", but my best friend (also a car buff) said "are you crazy, you have a chance to get the car 4 days early and you wont let him drive it 60 miles to get it"?

    So..not sure what to do. The sales guy said to call him in the morning to see if the status has changed..if not, then he would go around noon to pick it up.

    So :shrug:
  2. Of course, its just s Ford Mustang for god sake.
  3. If it is a big deal to you, why don't you go with him?
  4. GOOD ANSWER! :nice:

    I have to work Tomorrow and Thursday, but If he gets it tomorrow, they will bring it back and have it detailed for Thursday afternoon pickup.

    I just a little surprised..I thought the general feeling would be like "hell no, im not letting anyone drive the first 70 miles on MY stang". But then again, when you buy it off the lot, how many people have sat in it and hammered on it?

  5. ask him how much would it cost to flat bed it from that dealer to yours.

    What dealer did you buy the car from??
  6. Get it early!
  7. Im sure it's more than I want to spend extra!

  8. Yeah, I would get it early. It's not like it's the first or only 5.0 that the sales guy has driven. I would think the chances of abuse are low if that's what you're worried about.
  9. Im sure..most people Ive talked to actually dont think it's as big a deal as Im making it.

    The other good thing about getting it early is I have a day off Friday, and had plans to go to Steeda that morning for the rims and the exhaust.

    So I think Ill do it...thanks for all the input.
  10. So which worries you more....the thought of him putting the first few miles on it, or the thought of him driving the hell out of it in the process?
  11. AAA Gold card......First 100 mile tow free. :)
  12. I could have had mine today. Instead I am waiting until Saturday. That way, there is no chance that I wrek my brand new car at the race track. Much rather wrek my trade than my brand new car.

    If it were not for this, it would be in my garage tonight... I have been waiting since 2006 until the time was right, whats a couple more days.
  13. A little of both, but as I stated, if you buy from the lot, there are lot's of people test driving them at the dealer if you buy one from the lot. Im sure Im gonna beat the crap out of it at times too. Im sure the dealershave to drive cars back and forth all the time tough, and I guarantee you this is not the first time he has driven a new GT.

  14. Not getting the correlation between wrecking a car Saturday at the track and waiting for your new stang to come in.
  15. Now all you have to worry about is the dumb ass high school drop out tow truck driver scratching, or damaging the undercarriage of your new ride when he hooks it up. ;)

    Pass. :D
  16. Yeah..that was NEVER an option for me.
  17. If I found out my car was 60 miles away...1 hour later I would be at the dealer to get it
  18. "its just s Ford Mustang for god sake." :shrug: lol ***Just Kidding***
  19. Well it is!
  20. Before the 2011 i swear SN was going to have to make a LSX/Mustang section. :eek:
    Now we can let GM keep their motors. The 2011 was gods response to good church going ford folk praying for a better alternative to building an LSX ford.:nice:

    I hear Jesus file fitted the rings on these engines with his fingernails. :hail2: