Would You Let The Dealer..........

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  1. I had my car flatbedded with only 12 miles from miami to west palm beach. I almost drove up there to pick her up but the dealer hooked me up with the delivery.
  2. Well Im calling the dealer this morning around 9. If there is no update to the pickup date of 11/2, I will have him go get it today for tomorrow pickup so I can get her to Steeda Friday. There may be a change of delivery date though to tomorrow direct.

    Ill post later today when Im getting her for sure!
  3. Moot point now. Car coming in tonight on freight truck with other cars. Picking it up thursday night!!!
  4. Hell no, I wouldn't let my salesman drive my new car that I ordered from the factory.

    Totally defeats the purpose of ordering a new car from the factory and waiting for multiple weeks to just end up with what amounts to a dealer trade in the end with someone driving it 60 miles from one place to another who isn't you.

    My brother in-law did the same thing with his 03 Cobra because he couldn't wait a couple more days. It was driven about 80 miles and he ended up waiting longer because his chin spoiler / bumper got scrapped and the hood had 2 noticeable rock chips in it.
  5. You're probably better off this way.
  6. Awesome.....bet you cant wait to get in it...lol
  7. You can probably sell those wheels for a pretty good chunk to offset your Steeda purchase. Probably get enough for them for an intake and tuner!
  8. Crackerballer....I sold them for a grand. More than enough for tuner, but for now I just look at it as a $1200 upgrade charge for the Steeda staggered set. Pics coming soon. Best part is Steeda is taking care of ALL the packing and shipping. Steeda ROCKS
  9. 94, I just noticed you and I joined at the same time. Pretty nice. I am gonna hold off of the 2011 most likely, may get the 2012 Boss Laguna, if I can find a color combo I like.
  10. Mine came from 180 miles away. The dealership I bought mine from hires retired state troopers to do car transfers. The dealership mine came from needed one of the Fusions my dealership had on the lot, so the cop drove the Fusion out there and drove my Mustang back. I had no problems with it since I was being picky and wanted what I wanted. They didn't charge me extra for the transfer which they do sometimes.
  11. Guess you won't be getting one. There's only one color combo for the Leguna Seca, that wonderful black and red! :nice: <-seriously, I like it.

    On topic, heeeeck NO, I wouldn't let the dealership drive my car. I know you already have yours, OP. This is reply is for others who might be considering the same thing. I've been on road trips and seen cars being driven from one dealership to another. Those guys beat the crap out of those cars. I was driving back from Disney one time in my 550i Sport and a guy was transporting an Accord and he was getting into a "speed competition" with me!:rlaugh: When I was a teen, I had an uncle that worked for a dealership. The owner's wife bought a brand spankin' new Linconln Continental Mark VI. My uncle had to transport it back. He took me and my cousin; two young teens. We drove the CRAP out of that Mark VI on the way back!!:eek: So no fracking way I'd let 'em transport a car of mine!:nonono:
  12. man those CS cars are so hot. you should remove the fake scoops!
  13. I'm a salesman myself and I've routinely gone to other dealerships to pick up a car. Like someone said, it's just a Mustang...Ford guys drive those all day, everyday...loosen up man and go get your car!
  14. I guess you didnt read all the posts :rolleyes::nonono: