Would you let your child ride in your stang?

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  1. Like the title says. I have a 9 month old daughter that I take with me in my 65 fastback quiet abite. She loves the exhaust sound and it always puts her to sleep. I have all rebuild suspension with 620 coils, shelby mod, KYB shocks, and 4 wheels disk brakes. The problem is when I pull up to a stop light I always have some lady look over at me it discuss because I have my child in an (old car) with me. I see nothing wrong with it but I would like to get your guys opinions good or bad.

    Thank you
  2. Thats an iffy one.

    Around town with minimal traffic. I would do it.
    On the freeway or in heavy traffic. No way in hell my wife would let me. :D
  3. I do with my 10y/o but I now am going to ugrade to 3pt. belts in the back for her and have sealed the trunk from the int. (coupe).

    I take it you have her in the front seat, rear facing? Without front airbags and with proper restraint for the car seat I don't see where this car is any less safe than her Prius...
    May be safer but less convenient in the back seat (closer to center of car, maybe on the rear seat hump). My daughter sits in the rear center of all our veh. 90% of the time just for the fact that it's the last part of the car effected from any angle of impact.

    I was Tboned by a ~75 Delta 88 @~45mph in my '70 20 yrs. ago and it bent the door to touch the steering wheel almost, door touched the seat side but the window didn't break. I came out with a cut to my forehead from taking the rearview mirror down (no shoulder belt on). I think it was all the REAL and THICK steel in the car that saved me from that brunt impact.
    Do you have at least 3pt. belts? your daughters safety could depend on if you stay in your seat and conscious post accident. After my wreck I was rolling in neutral towards a canal....
  4. JonK. I take my daughter out in the weekend in my 67 and I have 3pts in the front. I have the 'booster' seat and she is 7. The seat belts work VERY well for her and have been contemplating the rear 3 points. Have you any mounting concerns with the 3 points? I called one company, and they are not very helpful in recommendations (due to a sue happy world) but from others that have mounted them, they are suggesting mounting on the package tray with a rather large plate under it to hold the retractable section on TOP.

    Any ideas on this is greatly appreciated, as I would like to take the wife and young one out too. I too have the steel plate between the trunk and interior and take safetly VERY seriously...

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  5. I do have the 3 point belts in the front and she is in the front seat in a rear facing car seat without airbags. I have also replaced the latch on the back of the compartment door that separates the interior from the trunk and built a fake floor over the gas tank to also help.
  6. I would do it as long as the child seat is properly secured. Since my 65 does not have rear belts, I would put the child seat in the front seat.
  7. i have had my niece in my 64 falcon a couple of times when she was about 6 years old. she go t tired of always having to ride in the back seat, so i gave her a ride in the falcon and she got to sit in the front seat. she thought the car was too loud though(6 six cylinder with a broken exhaust manifold).
  8. i've taken my kids in rides before. the 7yo, i put in the front in a booster seat. the 3yo, i put rear facing in the back seat.
  9. but has anyone mounted any of the three position retractables in the rear of our classics??? If so, send pics, links, whatever and I am going to jump on it. Thanks
  10. Are we all forgetting that once upon a time these cars were all we had and I doubt seriously that any more accidents were happening then. I don't know about you all but when I have my kids in my 66 I drive more careful and am way more alert than if I am alone. My kids love to cruise in the car and i am not going to take that experience from them. I grew up playing hot wheels in the rear window of my dads 66 Fairlane GT while driving down the road.

    Sometimes things get way out of proportion. Enjoy the car with your kids and hey if grandma looks at you funny, wave at her and smile. Maybe she will remembe that when she grew up she probably didn't even have seatbelts..

  11. I agree Bulldog. I was 5 years old before I rode in a car newer than '63. I think people get caught up in the scare tactics that rule this country. You can "what if" anything to the point of staying at home, and even that is dangerous.
  12. I agree, I'm tired of all the what if thinking that causes people to worry too much.

    I feel that a child should be secured in a child seat. I remember when I was little I used to lay in the package tray in the back window of our 82 Oldsmobile Delta 88, and then have free roam of the back of our 86 Cutlass Cruiser station wagon. It was great since we could play and stuff, but it was not by any means all that safe.

    I do think that the seat belt laws are rediculous. When they first started them, they even said they would never give you a ticket or stop you just for the belt. What a lie that was. They should not be able to give tickets for it, but they should give tickets for child seat issues.

    I don't mean to start a seat belt debate. I just think people should have the choice. I don't always use one.

    Anyway, I say just do what you want and if someone else doesn't like it, that is their problem. That old lady that is glaring at you for it can go fly a kite.
  13. I agree that I drive better in this car, and especially when I have my little on with me. The only problem at this point is she is in a booster seat and the lap belt will hardly provide any protection for her at all. I am just looking for anyone who has done this and opinions on the retractor sitting on top of the package tray. I really didnt like it, but it is probably better than building a support system under the package tray (though I could guarantee any that I build would be VERY strong and supportive)

    When she is older, maybe something different... but not now.

    I too am old enough to have played in the back of a pickup, vista cruiser, whatever you could come up with... but I also realize when a good, safer product is also in front of us, and it will not hurt to have these belts.

    Again, any and all information will be appreciated.
  14. +1 on the highlighted part of this quote - when I was 5, my Dad swapped out his '62 Galaxie for a low-miles '66 Galaxie 500XL. I don't even remember whether there were seatbelts in the '62; but I remember that Dad only demanded I wear a seatbelt in the '66 when we were driving in Phoenix or on the California coast.

    As far as my kids? Easy - my 13 yr-old son will ride in my '73 Cougar once he and I get her on the road. He'll get to drive it when he gets his license, as long as I'm riding shotgun.

    His 23-yr-old sister (cowgirl tink) driving it..... I'm still thinking about that! I know she's driven SVTCobra306's '94 Snake - since long before they were married, and she still does with the screamin' 347 that AJ has in there now. On the other hand, the Cougar first belonged to "her ex"; and she doesn't really like much of anything that has to do/had to do with him, so......

    The "sister in the middle" (19 y.o. Jessie)? Wellllllllll..... she's scared the bejeebus outta me, both in her mom's Dodge RAM, and in her own Blazer; I'm not sure she's ready to take on a massaged Cleveland (or maybe I'm not ready to ride shotgun on that trip) ! :eek:
  15. Sorry Red5Oh, been traveling all day. I haven't done the rear 3pts. yet as my car is still down getting the drivetrain rebuilt, when I'm done with that I'll move onto the rear belts, etc.
    I have researched the front mounts alot more than the rears, only seen a couple ideas on the rears, don't have my links with me, here's one:
    Shoulder Seat Belts in a '67 Mustang Coupe

    I need to look in the trunk of my wife's '09 to see how they mount in the newer models for ideas, maybe look at some foxbodies too, I think they had rear 3pt.? If not whatever was the first years for rear 3pts. might give us some ideas.

  16. Proportionally, there are probably the same amount of accidents in the 60's versus now.

    But even with more drivers, and more accidents. The death rate has stayed relatively the same (number wise, not proportionally). This is due to modern safety features engineered into todays cars.
    Also the amount of serious injuries is less than back in the 60's.

    I know these cars are not rolling balls of flaming death, waiting to burst into flames and maim everyone within a 5 mile radius. :D

    But some extra care should be used when you are packing the kids around.
    The days of throwing the baby down on the floor boards or package tray, are over. And rightfully so, imo.
  17. I bought my fastback so my son would grow up with old cars, so the answer is yes I would. First of all, I don't live in Los Angeles, so traffic is sparse. Also, I am MUCH more careful with my fastback, doubly so with my son in it. The car is safe, I am as safe a driver as I know, and I believe living every day. Some of my best memories are of being a 5 year old, riding in my Dad's hot rod, standing in the seat so I could look out the windsheild. I also remember going on vacation in our '57 Chevy (it was only about 8 years old at the time) and riding in the package tray! Seatbelts? Puh-leez. Be careful, but allow you and your kids to enjoy life once in a while. Here's me and my brother in 1967:

    Here's me and my son in 2001, and yes, that IS a baby seat in the Mustang!
    View attachment 240626

    You gonna get these memories and pictures in front of a Prius?
  18. My 70 used to be our family car when I was a kid. My parents, my brother and I drove around everywhere in it. It's a solid steel car and will survive better than the new cars out there. In fact I was penalized by the insurance company with a van (74 Ford) I had because "it has more metal than most modern vehicles and will hurt them worse in an accident." So I wouldn't think twice about having a kid in one of these old cars.
  19. Huh, our responsible friends scared the heck out of my wife and I about kids and cars a while back.

    My wife wanted a mini clubman, but they talked her out of it, and scared the crap out of me about having room for a stroller.

    Led me to have second thoughts about having kids in my 73 stang. Their kids love riding in my car with the top down, but I've stopped letting them. My convertible lacks shoulder belts, and I've yet to figure out how to mount them where they are safe to use without adding a roll bar which would negate use of the back seats.

    I carried my nephews around for years in the stang since it was all I had when they were coming up. Now I'm wondering how safe my car is after all the years and those 260,000 miles.

    And, there are so many trucks and SUVs on the road now which people love to drive stupidly.

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  20. lol I used to fall asleep up on the package tray.

    I would not take my newest addition in the 67 till he is over 1 year old. But my 12, and 5 year olds I had no problems in taking when the car was on the road. Even when it wasn't necessarily road worthy...., but I live and drive on county roads except for the mountain I live on and drive down to get to the roads.