Would you let your child ride in your stang?

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  1. I used to sleep on the package tray too.

    I think that having little ones less than about a year old is probably not the best idea either.

    I would have no problem letting older kids ride in my Mustang though.
  2. I take the kids in my '78 camaro all the time, they love the exhaust and the blower sound when I rev it up. 5 and 7 years btw
  3. I grew up in two '69 'Stangs! My Dad, Chepsk8 had a '69 Vert and my mom had a '69 428 SCJ Mach I. They started taking me to car shows when I was only a few months old. The car seat was strapped into the back seat with the lap belts and off we went. When I got a little older, and we were on long trips, I'd curl up in the foot box in the passenger side where the heat was and sleep there. That I wouldn't recommend, but I did. Even after all of that, I'm still here!

    Just because your 'Stang is older than most cars on the road doesn't mean it's a rolling metal death trap. You have to be as much of a good drive these days as you had to be during the '60s when everyone drove cars from that era. As long as you drive responsibly and keep an eye out for everyone else who isn't, I don't see anything wrong with taking young children out in any classic car.
  4. "My" Stang actually belongs to my step-daughters, so yes, they ride in it. It had belonged to their late father... The 10-year-old is constantly afraid the OLD car will break down, and the 4 year old LOVES every minute of it. What can I say, the girls are totally opposite personalities. :D

  5. The birth of my son is what prompted me to upgrade the brakes to 4-wheel disc and rebuild the suspension. I still have a few things to do before I let him ride in it.
  6. i sold my vette and bought this mustang so i could bring my two young sons along with me.
  7. I don't see why not. It's got enough seats after all! I had always imagined myself someday, when I have kids, still using my Mustang as a daily driver and for family hauling duties...either that or a good '63 Ford wagon with a roller 302 and AOD :D

    Then again, I'm not much of a safety advocate, nor do I have kids...
  8. When My 70 ragtop was my daily driver I took my grandson in it every day. Now my 65 F-100 is my daily driver and he rides in it.

    I would suggest next time some idiot gives you crap about it, you give them the single finger salute:flag:
  9. I have a 66 slickside :D
  10. That monkey is gonna have to reload eventually:D
  11. the way i see it, if you aren't driving like a maniac when you have your kid in the car, there should be no problem. any snobby lady is gonna look at someone with disgust for having a child in what's portrayed as a fast car. i'd love to take my boyfriend's neice for a ride around town in the mustang anyday & she's only 15 months. in my opinion, eff what other people think cause in the end it's you that's the one making the final decision. and as far as i'm aware, there's no law saying it's illegal to have a child in a fast car :)
  12. I have let my two ride in the '66 coupe w/ the factory lap belts but only for very very short rides. I am planning to install the shoulder harness systems in the front and rear. At the same time front bucket seats from a s95 along w/ new carpet.

    For those who have installed shoulder harness systems in a coupe, '65-68, how difficult is the install?
  13. I have a 4 month old and i plan on making my rear cross bar (on the roll bar) removable so I can take him along with me to car shows and cruises.

    I remember riding with my parents and not wearing a seatbelt, and also going up on the rear package tray to take a nap on long trips of the 69 mach 1. I'm not saying this is safe by any means but as long as you don't drive like a dic head I really don't see any problems with kids riding in these cars on a nice day. In the rain is a whole different story.
  14. Good point. My last ride was a well-used '91 Mazda pickup. It was all I could afford while I was finishing my fastback, so it was what I drove. It also got great mileage, so rather than drive my wife's Suburban we often took the Mazda, since it was an extra cab it had what passed for rear seats. Basically they were two fold-down butt pads with lap belts and no seat backs. Nobody every questioned me putting my son in that thing, so why worry about the Mustang? My current truck is an F250 crew cab, and while it's a tank, I still don't want to wad it up, so I don't drive it any differently than either the Mazda or the Mustang. Well, maybe the Mustang. My point is, whatever happened to staying out of trouble to start with?
  15. If i had a kid, Or a back seat in my 65.. (10pt cage) i wouldnt have a issue at all with them riding in the car. No worse then riding a bike, motorcycle, roller skates, skateboard, climbing tree's, hunting, swimming, boating, snowboarding, changing a tire, getting out of the shower on a wet floor.. ECT.. You see my point..
  16. My girlfriend's nephew has been in my car. I also used to ride around in my mom's old Nissan Frontier ext cab with the jumper seats (butt pads with a lap belt). I had no issues there, just drive like a normal person, not like you're on Pinks. :nice:
  17. It just seems everyone is missing the point... normally, it is NOT us that makes the mistake in an accident, but someone else who is driving like they are on Pinks, or driving Miss Daisy, whatever! I finished my car, and was hit from behind 8 WEEKS after driving it the first time!

    I installed SN95 seats, 3 point harnesses in the front and I have the 3 pts for the rear (havent gotten them installed yet).

    I was the typical kid and did ALL the stupid stuff that is not safe today. I do think it makes us safer people today, but there is also things you can do to help protect your specials ones as well. I will have the 3 points in the back before she can go back there... right now, she rides up front and we have a great time.

    Why do you think they require 4 or 5 point harnesses in race cars... because they are SAFER. Doesnt mean that something will still not happen, but chances are they will survive.

    If its super stock/original... I can understand you not wanting to upgrade. Mine is a restomod with a ton of fun and I like driving it all the time. I am just stacking my cards in my favor in case I run into another idiot (pun intended)... they typically run into me!
  18. I would not let my grand kids ride in a fiberglass front end resto-mod, that I am planning on building, but never saw anything wrong with letting my kids ride in a stock 65-66 mustang. I have always had a 65-66 mustang and they survived it, but then I was never involved in a wreck in a Mustang (knock on wood).
    I had never given it a thought till now, but I will factor in as much safety as I can on my next build. I am lucky to have a 6 year old grand daughter who is inseparable from me. This post has given me a lot to think about ,
  19. I have a question. Its something I just thought of. My car only has front lap belts and no rear belts. It is rare that someone rides in the back. Back in high school, I never thought about it. Now our state requires everyone to wear seat belts in the rear. I'm really sick of them telling us what to do. Does anyone know what the laws are on this, since it didn't come with them? Also, what if there is a young one in the back seat?
  20. How is this thread still alive.. jeez!