Would you like a more powerful 05 GT? Would you sacrifice the V8 engine for it?

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  1. As of yesterday's paper(The Virginian-Pilot[I work there])one analyst is predicting $3 a gallon gasoline in one years time, oil is hitting $60 a barrel.

    The writing is on the wall:

    The age of the streetable, daily driven V8 is over!

    Smaller lighter cars with small displacement, yet highly efficient electronically controlled fuel injected engines sporting forced induction(superchargers and turbos) are the future of internal combustion powered performance vehicles.
    The SVO was twenty years ahead of its time...
  2. AMEN Ma Brotha!
  3. tell that to somebody driving a 911 porshe....
  4. Apparently I'm missing the point of your comment.

    Isnt a Porche 911 a small, lightweight fuel injected highly tuned car?

    Would'nt the Porche 930 turbo or the other 911 turbo (911 Weissach?) fall into the same category?

    I personally feel the V8 is a better choice for a production car in that thread because the 350hp 4 cylinder is already reaching its upper end while the V8 is not stressed.

    However, I would very much love to see a tuner version of a '05 or '06 Mustang with a turbo 4 cylinder as a limited edition car.

    I also agree with a comment in the thread that if Ford did another car in the same spirit of hte SVO Mustang it will probably be a hipo DOHC turbo V6.
  5. he said they are the future of performance cars, i said tell that to somebody driving a porche because they have been doing it for 30 years, thats all