Would you like a more powerful GT? Would you sacrfice the V8 engine for it?

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Prefferred engine:

  1. 300bhp 4.6 V8

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  2. 350bhp 2.0 Turbo 4 cylinder

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  1. I can't believe there are 10 traitors that’s choose the 4 cylinder turbo, you guy don’t even deserve a 4 cylinder ford focus you should go get a riced up civic and make sure u put on a wing and some sticker eheheheheheh, :rlaugh:

    A Mustang should always have a V8 option, the next thing those traitors would say that the car should be built in Korea or in China to go with those 4 cylinder motorcycle engines.

    If you don’t want the V8 go get a civic you losers
  2. Different cars for different tracks. Love my V8. But I also like the Nissan 240 and 350. Fun cars. Leave the mustang it's V6 and V8, and add a RWD I4 model (completely different car, tho).

    GM and Toyota are working on their hydrogen cars. I'm excited to see price estimates for hydrogen fuel. If it's reasonable, as it should be (moreso than oil, tho perhaps not initially), the V8 will remain with us long and strong.
  3. why are they?? just because your country can afford big engines doesnt mean that everyone can. my dad owns a 1.4l 4 cyl because its cheap and easy to run. whats the point of having a huge engine with huge power anyway if your speed limit is 50?

  4. Because getting there is all the fun.

  5. My country? Are you some kind of crimalien or outer worlder? I wish Ford didn't export any Mustangs and we could keep them all here in America where they belong and foreign pin heads couldn't cry about our V8's.

    Go put a pair of scissors on you car and come mow my lawn you jerk.
  6. hey pal i want to come live over there and own a mustang and im not gettin all uptight about V8 engines im gettin uptight about your 'anything that is less than what i have is nothing attitude'

    be more open minded and stop hatin on people
  7. Ya quit hating yo. give yourself a stranger.

    Now for my two cents.

    1) Mustangs shouldn't have anything BUT a v8 (thats my opinion)
    2) I love roasting your 65,000 bmw with my 10,000 dollar '68 cougar, when they laugh at me for having to fill the 428 up after every race, i simply blow their doors off. And then laugh more because the cougar has style and character and was actually cared for by the manufacturer.
    3) if you consider a 281 a big V8 please stab yourself in the face with a hot glue gone covered in flesh eating ants.
    4) I drove my friends civic SiG and wow, what a piece of uncooked ****. Once that thing hits vtec its mileage is about what my mustangs is at half throttle (fast enough to beat the civic wide open, so therefore, all things equal out)
    5) Are you joking... a 4 cylinder in a new stang? hahahahahahahhahah... HAHA, i dont care if it has 600hp, the stang is too heavy for a 4 cylinder the older fox's worked because they were light.
    6) It sounds like a good idea now (if the 4 cylinder had the torque to actually move the car), but just picture your stang sounding like every other rice burner on the roads today. That sound does not mate well to a mustang in my mind, in fact, im going to go throw up in my nice big mullet now.
  8. i agree with everything you say apart from th bmw. it has better luxury. the extra's = more weight. and secondly bmw is german, i am british. we make jaguars, TVR's and aston martins. all with V8 engines.
  9. Aston Martin = Fo Mo Co
  10. I didn't mean that to be an insult to german cars at all. I nearly bought a 328i instead of the stang. I believe american manufacturers can learn alot from german and british engineering.

    Im just saying that because an m3 does roast most new cars, and still gets good mileage, but do i think it constitutes me paying 50,000~ more for the toy, no. In my mind you should have your fast sports car(v8), and you should have your daily driver(3-4-5-6 cylinders) {by this i mean everyone who drives a fast car should have another car for daily driving}. Hybrids between sports and economy aren't practical or affordable. (well they are now, but in the near future?)

  11. Nope, I drive my baby every day. Why else would I pay that steep a payment for something to sit except 2 days a week?

  12. I personally don't agree with, "anything less is nothing", that not how i view things maybe others do but not me, i just think its completely wrong to have a 4 cylinder Mustang even if it means more hp, a 4 cyl. would be perfect for the ford focus, but a Mustang should have a V8 or a V6 which is acceptable but a V8 is prefarable.
    a Porsche 911 has a v6 not a V8 so not all cars need them to be good, but a mustang does.

  13. i know, so is jaguar
  14. What no no no :nonono:

    911's have a Flat 6 boxer engine, never a V6.

    As for Jaguar and Aston Martin - they are British companies that are based and build cars in Britain and are only owned by Ford as a parent company.
  15. Yeah but where do you think Jag gets all it's new engine designs from F-O-R-D.
  16. Jag chassis and electronics are sourced from Ford as well...
  17. Actually Ford is using Jag engines in the Lincoln LSC, the T-bird, and they actually considered a new V8 Ranger with it. 3.9 V8= Jaguar.
  18. Why not have a V-8 and forced induction? I think Ford proved what a Forced induction v-8 Mustang is capable of with the 03 & 04 Cobra.

    The GT500 will further prove that a V-8 with Forced induction is better than a 4 banger or a V-6 with forced induction.

  19. A retro Mustang with a 4 cylinder, **** that's just ****ing GRAND.