Would you like an Foose 'Overhauled' Mustang?

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Would you like an Overhauled Mustang from Foose

  1. YES

  2. NO

  3. YES, but I would change some of the stuff after the show was over.

  1. If your car was 'stolen' by Chip Foose for Overhaulin', would you be happy with the results of the show or would you be upset that they modified it?

    Base your decision on the cars that you have seen done so far on the show.
  2. I would take one, but if my current got done I would be a little upset sinceI want to finish myself...but then again never look a gift horse in the mouth.
  3. I'd take one. Anything they do to my car is better then what I have now.
  4. In a heartbeat, then again, I could never turn down close to $15,000 in new suspension and rims, not including the custom interior and paint job. I mean what a blast that must be to walk in and see a one off Foose car and then to find out it's yours. I may be just biased because Foose seems like a genuinely nice person who enjoys what he does and who he works with, but I like to see the good guys win.

    The only stipulation would be that I would require a side mirror and windshield wipers... :D
  5. Yeah, I'd take one. I'd probably have to sell it and purchase a new project before long, however. It would be great to have and drive though. :)
  6. I'd settle for anything....I'd even pretend to like the wheels. whatever they put on.
  7. I'm with you. I would like to finish my stang myself, but I freely admit that I don't have the proper tools or training to do it right the first time. Nor green stuff in my pocket book. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to let the Foose do it. :shrug:
  8. I'd take one in a heartbeat! If Foose or anyone from Overhaulin' is reading this, know this much: MY GARAGE IS UNLOCKED!!!!!! Did you guys see the R/T Challenger build? I cringed at the thought of changing an original R/T, but after all was said and done I was floored! It was soooo nice. Also, without exception the cars they build are pretty much abandoned projects that were set aside for the owners other interests, like family. Or they go to deserving people that could never afford to have their cars built. Who's gonna tell me they didn't get choked up when that kid picked up his El Camino? I'll be the first to admit it, I STILL can't watch that episode without getting a lump in my throat! I'll agree that Armstrong and Zeiring could afford to get their cars done (Zeiring's car WAS at a shop, remember) but who cares? If watching these guys building some outstanding cars in 7 days (give or take) gets me motivated enough to work on my own project in the dead of winter after a long day at work, then I hope they keep that show on the air for as long as it takes to rebuild every old car in America! BTW, is Courtney easy to look at or what?
  9. yes i would accept a foose built car, though i might change a few things, like wheels if i didnt like them.
  10. most of his ideas are cool......the gansgta wanabe rims are too much for this socal boy...I'll save them for someone who wears his hat on ****-eyed!
  11. Yes, My stang needs a LOT of tlc and I have no problem letting them do the work.
  12. Nope.

    I don't want a car assembled in a week by caffiene fueled overworked guys, and I don't like the style, which will look really silly in ten years.

    If someone Foosed my car, I would sell it tomorrow.
  13. Yeah, I'd be happy because the money was paid by someone else. But, in another way it would suck because they modify the original look a little. I happen to now own my Dad's 66 Fastback he bought new, and might be a little upset if the look was changed too much.
    He'd love it though.
  14. I'd take one in two shakes of a lambs tail!
  15. Whatever motor they put in it would more than likely come out.

    unless it were a turbo'd 408. :)
  16. I have consistantly not liked the wheels they put on those cars, always too big and too much bling.
  17. Hell, yea in a second. Right now I'm needing a motor and tranny at the very least. I just want to keep my "porno red" color. ;)
  18. my car is pretty much restored...so i migth get upset. Maybe not, depending on what they did with it.

    If i had a junker though, I'd take whatever they'd do to it, and change out what i didn't like later.