Would you like an Foose 'Overhauled' Mustang?

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Would you like an Overhauled Mustang from Foose

  1. YES

  2. NO

  3. YES, but I would change some of the stuff after the show was over.

  1. Nah, I'd never let anybody put $30,000 dollars worth of stuff into my car and give it back to me :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  2. the man is a legend, there is know way somebody would not accept somethin from him, hell if its "your" project, just go to the junkyard and get another one, nothing can replace the work he does and his name on the car
  3. just becuase a man's a legend doesn't mean that his taste is your tast. George Barris has built some of the finest looking cars{Hirohitos's Merc} and some of the biggest piles...{the Sonny & Cher mustangs}
  4. I would flip out, I don't care what kind of money he puts in my car. My car is MY CAR and i want the satisfaction of building it and having it be done my way. Not have some guy do what the common teenager or ricer would like to see on their car for me. Plus i value a car's original look, pepping up the motor is fine, but i like the stock look.
  5. Skip the first few posts. Landshark is the owner and sometimes the wife of the owner of the 442 that was overhauled. There's a lot of reading but worth it. The show hosts "stole" the car and then went all out or the highway, overheated the engine and blew a radiator hose if you remember. The story goes, they were told to to drive it fast on the highway for that reason. Well, to this day the owners have a car delivered on the show as running "for TV" but not complete and they get blown off by everyone, Foose, producers, exhaust guys everyone. No one touches my car. Stolen-I'm reporting it and someone is getting sued, overhaulin or not!

  6. Nope, I want mine built the way I want it, not the way he wants to do it. I'd take one he built but he's not changing mine. My wife asked me once about this very thing. Like I told her, I'd be very upset if it wasn't done like I want it.
  7. This is a tough decision--they put a ton of great parts on the car and give it back with new stuff. I just don't like the work they do. I know it is done in a week, the problem I have is it looks like it was done in a week. If they did it to my car I feel I would have to rip the car apart and redo the entire car because of quality concerns. I often wonder how many of those cars don't make it home except on a wrecker? Every time I have watched the show there is no mention of test drives, front end alignments, charging A/C, etc. It is always a last minute, he'll be here in 20 minutes, we can't get the engine to fire. What else doesn't work? I definitely would repaint as the "Foose" look doesn't make my hood go up and down.

    Bottom line--while I would love all the new parts on my Mustang, I have instructed my wife to keep Overhaulin away from what's in my garage. On the other hand, my beater 86 F150 4x4 sits in the driveway.....
  8. No I wouldent be like "Blue Bear" and throw a fit because the person footing the bill was "Changing MY Car". However its my car at the end of the day, and I'd be damn sure & pull the 20" wheels Chip installed on the car