would you powder coat exhaust headers

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  1. no turbo, just a naturally aspirated 351W. Would the coating stand up to the heat? If not, is ceramic the only way to go or are there other thermal protection options?
  2. Powder coating is good up to about 500 degrees. If you are hotter than that, it will burn off. If not, you should be OK.
  3. You can get high temp powder coatings for header & exhaust manifold applications. Its good to 1000 degrees.

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  4. I just started using the high temp powder coatings. the appearance is excelent, just installed a set of exaust manifolds on max wedge chrysler yesterday. I quess I will know soon how it stands up. Jet Hot coatings are very, very good. Have had excellent results with their product and the coatings come in all kinds of different colors.

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  6. I coat headers with high heat powder, but I never, ever guarantee them. Headers just get too darn hot. Jet hot and other ceramic coatings eventually burn off too - so does nickel plating and chrome...they "blue" though. High heat powders are limited in the color selection also. If you have a set of NEW headers, try to get the insides and exterior coated. This will help with the 'burning off' of the coatings. Jet hot is the way to go.

  7. hey being a fellow coater i have used some of the high heats on exhaust products they now make a powder up to 1500 degree and i have used this on a few applications and have not had problems yet i always coat them header 3 times though rather than just once to try and prolong and eliminate the problems with the headers...
  8. My vote also goes for the Jet Hot coating. I had my headers coated about 2 years ago and they still look great. Heat control is another plus - it's amazing how fast they cool off.