Would you rather have an 03/04 or an 00R?

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Would you rather have an 03/04 or an 00R?

  1. 03/04 (390hp)

    13 vote(s)
  2. 00R (385hp)

    14 vote(s)
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  1. I was just kinda bored here at work and decided that we needed a new thread in this section. So what would you guys rather have? An 03/04 cobra or a 00 cobra R?

    I don't expect too many replies but we'll see if we can hit 5 before next week(the 17th).
  2. I'd take the R in a heartbeat, over the Terminator.
  3. The 00R is a sweet ride with one of the best looking motors I have ever seen. But I already have an NA cobra and I think I'm just a sucker for forced induction.
  4. Terminator as my driver, R as a collector.

    ...and since I'll be more likely to drive a Mustang than let it sit in a warehouse collecting dust and waiting for it to go up in value, the '03-'04 Cobra has my vote.
  5. 00R without question. One of the rarest, sexiest Mustangs ever built.
  6. Take the R and sell it. Then buy 2 04's
  7. Lol. I could never have two Terminators. I'd just have one Terminator and one Saleen:D
  8. Definitely the "R".

  9. ^......whose the tourist? :shrug:
  10. haha
    I just bought an 04 mystichrome vert yesterday... ;)
    To supplement my 1999 GT.

    00R :drool:
  11. 00R hands down. nothing like street legal race cars.
  12. Right after I bought my mach I was saying "dammit I shoulda bought a termi." so I pick 03/04 kewbra
  13. 385HP n/a

    390HP s/c

    390HP s/c all day long. Cheap and easy to go fast!
  14. 03/04 FTMFW!!! :rock:
  15. 00R- No Brainer

    If I hit the lottery, I'd have a 93R 95R and an 00R (with a soild axle swap) and I'd DRIVE them ALL.

    To hell with that not driving em BS! :rolleyes:
  16. I just saw a 2000 R today. Talked to the guy for about five minutes, VERY impressive car.

    Im digging the Terminator more. But the termi has been my favorite car since it came out.
    Both really nice cars!!
  17. 04 Cobra based simply on the fact that Id never drive an R daily.
  18. I've driven both and while the 'R' has a tiny bit more power at some parts of the rev-range, it's a much less drive-able car than the Terminator. Plus, I like having a full interior, radio and A/C.
  19. I'd take the R hands down. Rare car and I would drive it not keep it in the garage.
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