Would you rather have an 03/04 or an 00R?

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Would you rather have an 03/04 or an 00R?

  1. 03/04 (390hp)

    13 vote(s)
  2. 00R (385hp)

    14 vote(s)
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  1. Even sexier than the '93 Calypso? Better not let the little lady hear that.
  2. Lol at 50/50
  3. You forgot the part about buying your friend over here the same set up for his garage!!!!
  4. :rlaugh: I was waiting for a reply like that. If I won enough, you bet! :nice:

    :shrug: I'd be MORE THAN happy just to have an ooooooooooo say 96 S trim Cobra sitting in my garage right now. :cool:

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  5. Your wish is my command. This will be my first time without a 94-98 body style car in 10 years. I can't believe I'll have two 99+ body styles now.
  6. Take it to PM's if you want to play catch up fellas
  7. This thread is a poll. What matters is the results of the poll, not the jibber-jabber of it's members.
  8. :rlaugh:

    Smoeone is just butt hurt cause he has no friends to talk to and no one likes him on here or off the internet either. Also, cause The Stanley Cup isn't going to be won by a Canadian team AGAIN this year! :) :owned:
  9. Now that was just baaad. Stop being naughty!!
  10. It wasn’t merely a suggestion. ;)

    If PM's don't appeal to you, there are plenty of IM programs for jibber-jabber guys. If you have nothing more to add to the subject at hand, feel free to exit said thread and find a new topic to explore. A little side tracking is often par for the course, but let’s not get too out of hand. We have to keep some order here, otherwise you might as well just call us Mustangtuning :D

  11. SVT Tech and Talk are in slow motion anyways, I don't see why it matters, especially since it's on the 2nd page. Topics covered by then.
  12. You guys are right....this topic has been pretty much as covered as its going to get.

    In any case....open forum is not a place for IM style conversation. Again, please limit your responses to the topics at hand.

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