Would you rather see a '67 restomoded into a Shelby or an Eleanor?

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Would you rather see a '67-'68 fastback made into a Shelby clone or an Eleanore?

  1. Shelby, of course.

  2. If you're gonna mod it, make it an Eleanore!

  3. Leave the poor fastback alone, what did it do to deserve this?

  4. My god, aren't we tired of this Eleanore crap yet?

  1. Hmmm Id rather have an Eleanor that is a REAL Shelby. YAY !!! Thats a pretty cool idea!!! WHOSE WITH ME !!! :rlaugh:
  2. my 2 cents -

    -If someone has a real Shelby and turns it into an Eleanor that's obviously stupid since Shelby's and are so much more rare, and beautiful anyway it should be left original.

    -Someone turns a regular fastback into a Shelby clone that's well OK but, since its not a real Shelby it was made into something its not, but if done right still looks cool.

    -Someone turns a fastback into an Eleanor'ish car then it's obvious it wasn't trying to mimic a real Shelby so go for it. To me it's less cheesy than fake badging a fastback to a real Shelby. I still wouldn't make an exact copy of Eleanor with my money.

    Keep in mind not everyone has the financial means, or ability to get their hands on a real Shelby also. So I don't see anything wrong with adding some much much less expensive fiberglass to mine to get the similar good looks of a real Shelby. :shrug: Personally I'd rather have a real Shelby, but untill one of you guys kicks the bucket, and wills yours to me I don't forsee one being in my driveway anytime soon. BTW - just in case -that 's "68 & 00 GT" from Stangnet. :nice: :D Eleanor and /or some of her parts are still cool though.

    I think most people would agree with this thinking. :shrug:
  3. Why won't this thread just die??? :( :rolleyes:
  4. haha, i'm still waiting for someone to build an eleanor kit for a 69-70 then :uzi: :uzi: :uzi: :uzi: :uzi: :uzi: :uzi: and i also have PROOF that darkbuddha is secretly awaiting such a kit so he can convert his 70 mach into an eleanor, hehehehehehe, just kiddin db, lol
  5. somethings never die, like roaches, lawers, and leghumper testosterone levels.
  7. I'm starting to wonder the same thing... :shrug:

    :lol: Now, now... Sure, I might add some huge rivet-on flares, naked reclining women mud flaps, or even maybe a huge 3 foot tall double aluminum ricer wing, but never completely Eleanorize my Mach... That said, I have seriously considered going this rout:
  8. Dammit DB....why did you have to dredge those pics up yet again!:mad::nonono:
  9. Hopkinator, what is the Shelby serial # for your car?

  10. For some reason Im a bit afraid to answer that right now, but it falls in between 1140 and 1170 . Its been authenticated by Dave Matthews at SAAC via the Shelby plates , the Ford vin , and documented history from 18 years ago. It was in Canada for a long time. SAAC alone has the Ford vin which is mated to each Shelby by its Shelby number. The vin is stamped under the Shelby plate under the hood. To fully make sure you dont have a clone or a re-body, SAAC will take the vin number you supply and see if it matches to the Shelby number. If it doesnt, they tell you they hope you didnt pay too much for it. Several people have been taken like that. They at SAAC ,IM told, call these Air-Shelbys. They drop out of thin air with all the Shelby stuff and the tags for an unlocated car, but upon checking the Ford vin under the plate to see if it matches, and SAAC says it doesnt, well, youve been had. And SAAC will not release the vin numbers, they will only tell you if it matches. Ive no doubt made a few people mad here for using a real Shelby GT500 to make an Eleanor, but despite the fact that I keep saying that the only decent thing on this Shelby is its drivetrain , and that the fiberglass mods are easily restorable back to stock, I still get slapped around a bit. :nonono:
  11. Absolfrickenlutely NOT!!! :shrug: :rlaugh:
  12. Elanor.

    Restomodding = Elanor
    Cloning = Shelby GT 500

    If you do an Elanor, you can get away with a wild 351W stroker and it will be cool.

    If you do a Shelby, don't just put whatever engine you want in it. It has to be done right or it just looks stupid. i.e. 428 if you have one of those lying around.

    I say, make a street trans am racer out of it, a BULLITT clone, or mabye just a nice fastback.
  13. Y'know; if it were me...........

    '67 shell (FB=Shelby, Coupe=GT/CS). 4 wheel discs a la ultrastang. 9" out back. 15" Cragar S/S's or Torque-Thrust D's all around. T-bird tailights???? A little "duck's-a$$" spolier??? Maybe. Shelby hood - the aftermarket one for "normal Mustang noses"; destined to cover the TFS EFI intake on top of a 393W. Love a 3550 tranny, but keeping happiness in my marriage would probably dictate a well built (Lentech?) AOD. Scoops? No- for some weird reason, I happen to like the '67 cheese-grater style grilles behind the doors. Blue - it's gotta be blue; I'm thinking Caspian Blue with a white GT stripes and about 4 layers of clearcoat.

    Still Dreamin'
  14. As far as i am concerned , Eleanor , while very cool for the movie , was just a mutant shelby looking car that was designed FOR THE MOVIE . The real thing , is far superior , and is what should be considered in the real world. :D
  15. Wow! Another thread brought back from the dead.

  16. It will never die...thats is just a fact.

    I think I see the solution for Hopkinator and 68&00 too. Hop has a real Shelby and 68&00 has an Eleanor clone (actually an improved one if you ask me). So why don't they just trade pink slips straight up? Only reason I can think of is that Hop knows the Shelby is so much nicer...right?
  17. LOL, I missed this one. And NoKitten's right, Eleanor is a 73. Yellow. :D

    Eleanore is the 67. I voted for the last option. Why not make something entirely your own, if you're gonna restomod a 67? Eleanore is played out, making a Shelby clone is still making a clone, why not do something unique? While we ARE making an Eleanor, I have yet to see another one, on line or in person-the closest I've seen are yellow 73's WITH the hockey stripe being called Eleanors.....
  18. OMG -- I like to beat topics to death as much as the next guy ........(BBFCM, GBM, stangdreamin............) but please make it STOP!.

    I would much rather by a 98 eclipse and paint it lime green and maybe some yellow interior and some multi colored splashes on the side with 10" exhaust tips that glow with blue neon and.....................................

    Oh, oh What about a 84 honda civic hatch back and put a mustang II front supension under it, a shortened 9" rear full roll cage, tubbed paint it hooker red and put some sticker of a greek soldier pointing at the grille on both sides, primer gray ground effects .......

    Or maybe I should by a 1975 pacer, tub it put a 383 stroker with a blower in it, add a 6pt roll cage and maybe a plywood spoiler, paint it white with a red starsky & hutch style stripe on the side .....

  19. EXXX-CUSE ME? I put this puppy to bed back in August - I didn't revive it!

    BTW: The 'rodded Pacer is an interesting idea. However, I'm thinking leave it metallic bronze with the orginal wheel covers hiding some 7x14" steel Ford rims and fat skins. Sleeper! :nice:

    Still Dreamin'
  20. i like the looks of the '67 fb on its own. and besides, a car always looks better when you put your own touches on there rather than the same shelby of eleanor stuff you see everywhere else.

    the real eleanor IS a '73 mach - my dad has one, it's just like it too, down to the color