Would you rather see a '67 restomoded into a Shelby or an Eleanor?

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Would you rather see a '67-'68 fastback made into a Shelby clone or an Eleanore?

  1. Shelby, of course.

  2. If you're gonna mod it, make it an Eleanore!

  3. Leave the poor fastback alone, what did it do to deserve this?

  4. My god, aren't we tired of this Eleanore crap yet?

  1. :rlaugh: You classic guys crack me up!

    I voted to leave it as it is, just because I like the looks of a stock 67-68 fastback better than Shelbys or Eleanor.

    Keep it clean, Keep it mean.
  2. Any pics? I have yet to see another 73 painted to look like Eleanor (with the black stripe along the bottom, and on the flat hood). I keep finding regular 73's with the hockey side stripe and NASA hood.....
  3. I wasnt refering to my you guy's as perpetraitors of the continuing elenore saga but merely as my esteemed colleagues in the pludering of every possible thread to the point of no return...

    And I do like the pacer idea.... I know where I can get my hands on one and have thought about doing basicly what I said to it..minus the plywood and red/white paint.. BTW - I do have an 84 civic that I cut the front end out of and am currently measuring for a fox body front suspension from a buddy's totaled stang (rear ended hard)...how cool would it be to beat a ricer burner with a Wolf in hamsters clothing.....