Would you rather the '06 Cobra have a S/C V8 or V10?

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Would you rather the '06 Cobra have a S/C V8 or V10?

  1. Supercharged V8

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  2. V10

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  1. You still have not responded to my question. How is it any different from what everyon was crying about 8 years ago when the 4.6 was introduced?

    They should keep the 27 year old 302 the R&D was already done....

    There won't be an aftermarket for the new 4.6....

    The 4.6 won't have interchangeable parts to my 5.0....

    Your argument is 100% flawed. It is the EXACT same as the 4.6 VS 5.0 debate from nearly a decade ago.

    You stated that your argument was different then that one, now PROVE IT!
  2. Dude i just explained it to you in plain english.

    Alright if you still need help let me explain it like this...chevy stayed with pushrod for the 5.7L in the ls1 for the same reason ford will not put a v10 in the cobra. R&D...that being said aftermarket companies have the same reason for either making a new product or not making it. If they are going to make a product they have to completely design from scratch for a new v10 engine in a cobra and its also a low production vehicle make it not very profitable for aftermarket companies then they simply wont do it.

  3. btw, there are 0 aftermarket heads for the 4.6L...and there are also no companies that plan to make any (or atleast have announced plans).

  4. WTF kind of argument is that? If that was a true statement, then we would still have the pushrod 5.0 in the Mustang. Do you honestly think that Ford spent zero time and zero money on R&D for the 4.6? By your reasoning, Car makers would NEVER develope new engines at all. Just because Chevy still uses the 350 in the Vette means nothing at all. That, and I hope you are aware that they are developing a new engine for the Vette.

    The 4.6 had ZERO aftermarket when it was introduced to the public. Neither did the 350 or the 302 or any newly developed engine in the history of the internal combustion engine.

    Don't patronize me with your "I explained it in plain English" BS. That is back petalling at it's finest. If you can't come up with a good answer, just say so, but don't go acting like calling me stupid will get you out of an argument. If you plan on bringing a knife to a gun fight, at least bring a bigger knife than that.
  5. what the freak ever man...no more time wasted on this idiotic thread. There will be no v10 in the cobra its as simple as this.

  6. THe 5.7L LS1 is a 100% different engine than the 5.7L LT, they share ZERO parts. the LS1 was designed from the ground up. In fact the LS1 is a 346, the Lt1 is a 350. THe 351 V10 does share parts with other Ford engines, it is basically a 4.6L with 2 more cyl. grafted on, (281/8)*10=351 Thus, if built it would share around 75% of its parts with the 4.6L V8. It is a very do-able engine. THe only question I see with it is cost, if they can build it for within $2000 of a V8 than I say do it. As I mentioned earlier the 6.8L V10 in the F-250 cost only $600 more than the 5.4L V8. If the 351 ends up costing to much to built, maybe they could make an Aluminum block 6.8L V10 and put in some more agressive cams and heads.
  7. Check this out: http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/coupe/112_0308_amv8_boss/

    This is Motor Trend's article on the V-10. Notice how it states "...all-aluminum, DOHC V-10 based on the current Modular 4.6 comes out to be just a smidgen under 351 cubic inches."

    And #'s "On a chassis dynamometer, its clandestine motor is said to deliver 430 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels."

    And about the truck motor: "this engine is in no way related to the 6.8-liter/310-horsepower SOHC Triton V-10 used in F-250 pickups."

    Heres the combo: "...the cylinder heads and block are special castings. The oil pan, intake manifold, and 54-degree crank also are one-offs. Fortunately, the accessory belt-drive system is another component borrowed directly from the Modular V-8 family. Since there's no Ford computer software or electronic hardware for a V-10 of this type, this 351 takes its signals from two blinking dash-mounted control units that run each five-hole cylinder bank independently. The handcrafted V-10 sounds wonderful, firing through two Borla mufflers, two more Dynamax muffs, and 2.5-inch tail pipes. Its voice somewhat reminds us of a big-bore Italian V-12's, particularly the bass notes issued up when you get heavy into the pedal. And the burble in no way resembles the vacuum-cleaner-like hiss of the early Viper's V-10. Sometimes things just work out, though two fewer mufflers would be fine by us."

    The weight: "Our short experience behind the wheel indicates the engine's all-aluminum mass doesn't upset the car's basic balance much, either."

    The acceleration: "On our first two acceleration runs, the rubber went up in smoke--in first, second, and third gears. It's an unsettling--but big-time fun--feeling to be spooling rear tires and yawing slightly sideways at better than 80 mph." And "Finally, we scrabbled out a still-traction-limited 4.4-second blast to 60 and a 12.88/114.44 quarter-mile run. That beats the solid 4.8 to 60 and 13.01 at 110.69 we recently achieved driving an '03 SVT Cobra with the supercharged 4.6. We're confident that, with a set of drag slicks, sub-four-second runs to 60, a quarter in the low 12s, and a warped driveshaft are all possible."

    Wow what a long post- hope this clears up the V10 stuff.

  8. Now that sounds like what I have been talking about this whole time.
  9. That post just goes to show the extra money involved in bringing that to actual production.To do it would mean they would have to make the castings for blockk and cylinder heads. Oil pan, crank and intake all have to have to have castings made. Andthey have to develope the ellectronics. While those are all currently in use in the current S/C V8. I'm not saying they could not do it. Just that it helps raise the cost.

    Yes tyler the aftermarket for the 302 took a long time to catch up. So now you want to restart that clock. And I'm betting that the modmotor cars going inthe 9's are mostly not N/A. And from what i've seen a turbo or s/c is a fairly effective value wise. R&D investment will be paid by those who want to drag race. It is a far greater potential returnon investment.
  10. A 5.0 V12? I'd love to see it happen, perhaps as a $65,000 'R' model with a pure racing suspension, and weight reduction down to below 3000lbs. THAT would be a sweet Mustang.
  11. A V12 would probably be too long for the mustang, but who knows..

    If a V12 is put into any Ford built car it should be the Town Car, that thing is hurting for HP
  12. Ohio1989, I love reading that article. It would be truly badass if Ford put that engine into a vehicle. From the videos I have seen, it sounds really bad ass, too many mufflers or not.
  13. According to the Feb. 5.0 Mustang,

    "We agree the sound is both appealing and distinctive, unlikely to be mistaken for any old V-8, even though the Boss 351 is thoroughly muffled with four mufflers, along with two metallic and two ceramic catalytic converters."

    I wonder what it would sound like with an offroad x and a good cat-back? :shrug:
  14. I choose a V-8 For me Mustangs and V-8s just go together. I'm mean the one thing that always comes to mind when thinking about a Mustang is the sweet sound of the V-8!!!

  15. The reason 5.0 people were pissed is because they weren't 5.0 people, they were MUSTANG people and the 4.6 liter engine was not even fully developed when they started production!!!!! It made the car SLOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it hard to believe that pissed people off???????
    If the 4.6 had produced 250 HP when it was launched, no one would have questioned the move, but it didn't.

    This V10 thing is completely different. If they put a V10 in a Cobra it will perform from the factory. Aftermarket need not apply. It will be like a Porche or a Viper or a COBRA R for that matter in that it will be out of reach of the common man. Besides, if the 4.6/5.4 engines are so awesome why are we having this debate?????
  16. My vote is for a blown V8, although a V10 wouldn't upset me I suppose. I would have to imagine that down the road it'd be more affordable to modify an 8 than a 10, easier, and the engine would most likely be lighter. Plus I agree with the exhaust argument... While a Viper can whoop some ass... they really don't sound like they should... especially the old ones. Of course that's Chrysler... that's like blaming a kid for smoking pot when his parents are crack heads. Can you blame him? Nope, especially when he kicks the crap out of you.

  17. So you are saying that the engine made the car slower? It couldn't possibly be the fact that the SN-95 weigh a boat load more than the Fox?
  18. since the V10 is based off the 4.6L, it wouldn't be hard for aftermarket companies to create products for the V10. for headers, they'd just have to add one more pipe to each side. underdrive pulleys would be the same. forged internals the same except the crank. throttle bodies are standard Ford issue. cams wouldn't be hard to make. the only problem aftermarket companies would have is heads. and we have that problem now with our V8's that have been out since 96 in the Mustang.

    awalbert88: 351ci = 5.8L

    SVTdriver: the V10 weighs less than the 03 Cobra motor, so handling would actually be better. crash tests should not be a problem as the frame is designed to take the brunt of the impact and not the engine.
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