Would you rather the '06 Cobra have a S/C V8 or V10?

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Would you rather the '06 Cobra have a S/C V8 or V10?

  1. Supercharged V8

    78 vote(s)
  2. V10

    90 vote(s)
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  1. The only reason it's lighter is that Ford wimped out on the aluminum block for the 03 cobra
  2. agreed, a v10 is not a mustang engine
    plus, v10s sound like crap
  3. The thing I find amusing is how everyone got pissed when Ford got rid of the 302 and replaced it with the 4.6 Mod motor. Everyone and his dog was freaking out that it wasn't going to be a good motor. That it would never make the same power numbers a 5.0 could, blah, blah, blah.

    Now everyone thinks the 2003 Cobra has the best engine ever.

    As soon as it comes out and has 500 HP and 600 TQ N/A everyone will say that the V-10 is the best motor ever.

    It's funny how easily everyone can be swayed when bigger numbers are involved.
  4. i'd bet that the v10 ends up being used in a future version of the gt (not mustang gt), while the current s/c 5.4l gt engine is used for the cobra...

  5. That sonds right :nice:
  6. no v10. if you v10, you might as well take all the stang badging off of it and call it a mercury cougar.
  7. Most people were pissed cuz they knew they were junk. Many of the open tackers replaced them with 5.0s

    You know from my posts in the classic forum that not "everyone" thinks this :D

    Not "everyone". IMO to be an American Muscle car it MUST have a V8.

    If we're only concerned with "numbers" why don't we have Ford bring back the pinto and stuff a V10 in it??? Power to weight would be awesome, but the car would be an ugly turd, just like a V10 Mustang.
    If they put a v10 in the Mustang they should add running boards and a tow hitch

  8. Why? the Couger never had a V10, I can't see the cougur going from FWD 4 cyl to RWD V10

    Why are people so affraid of a V10 stang?
  9. Because change is scary :rolleyes:

    The Cobra should not have IRS. It is not part of its heritage.
    Mustangs should not have reclining seats because they didn't have them at first. Here is a list of things that should be removed from the Mustang line up because they were never on the originals.

    Anything larger than 14" wheels.
    radial tires, the originals were bias ply
    rear disc brakes only drum
    Fuel injection of any kind
    5 MPH bumpers
    Air bags
    Shoulder belts
    seat belts in the back
    collapsable steering wheel
    AOD transmissions
    Anything more than a 4 speed
    Nearly Anything aluminum
    Stereos with more than 2 speakers
    FM radio, CD, cassette, 8-track etc.
    Rear coil spring only leaf springs
    any engine that is not push rod design
    hydralic clutches
    sound deadening
    Electronic ignition
    Computers of any kind
    Sensors of any kind
    Emmisions equipment of any kind

    These things are all on the current Mustang for a reason. Either they are federally mandated or they are mechanically superior. Times change, so do cars. If everyone thought this way, we would all still be riding in covered wagons. If the Mustang is not allowed to grow, then it will become extinct.
  10. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    That is funny. Change oftem "changes" what makes a thing what it is. It has nothing to do with being scary. Why not make it a 4 cyl turbo? Or, how bout a v12? "Mustang" does induce some sense of heritage, nostalgia, etc., and part of that allure is the mighty V8.

    Besides, you forgot that mustangs shouldn't have 6 speeds and hydraulic clutches ;)
  11. I don't know about the 65 models. But my 66 does have rear seatbelts. And you could argue that they were originaly trying to put IRS in the stang. There is even a couple places that sell a kit just like the original design. But I don't see a V10 as a viable Cobra. Cobra R yes. I think the cost of the motor would be prohibitive. While the lesser GT/Lightning engine would be more readily avaiable and developement prices would be minimal.
  12. They already did that once. SVO.

    Look at my list again. I did include both of those items.

    Anything more than a 4 speed
    Hydralic Clutch (I spelled it wrong I know)
  13. There is no replacement for displacement, not even poweradders. If you can go bigger, go bigger, THEN throw the poweradder on it. :lol:

  14. How many of you guys could afford a V10 mustang?
  15. I thought ford was working on putting the 5.4L in the 06 cobra? But if i remember correctly they were going to put it in DOHC and naturally aspirated.

  16. Maybe if they made it more like the F-1 V-10 that wraps about 10g's. think about how that would sound. :nice:
  17. umm, f1's go 18,000 plus. 10 like idling.
  18. Whats wrong with a 5.0L version of the current 4.6 for the GT's and a 5.8L dohc for the cobra... that not only would include the new mod motor design, but would also be "retro" like the styling is, and when i think of good #'s for mustang, i think 302, 351, 390, 429 ect :) That v-10 stang that they made was a 5.8L, could you imagine what an 8 cylinder 351 dohc or sohc would sound like? NICE. And just for the record, im only 20 years old, and i would be dissappointed if the mustang ever came with a v-10.. i might just have to buy a f-body when that happens :nonono: :hail2: V8 stang :hail2:
  19. Ok, OK, then maybe they shouldn't let monkeys read the forum :D
  20. The same amount that could afford a S/C DOHC V8 stang.

    It's not like if they made the Cobra a V10, you could only get a V10 Mustang. There would still be V8 GT and Mach 1 stangs, and the V6 base car.
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