Would you rather the '06 Cobra have a S/C V8 or V10?

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Would you rather the '06 Cobra have a S/C V8 or V10?

  1. Supercharged V8

    78 vote(s)
  2. V10

    90 vote(s)
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  1. On a side note, ever see the vid where they programmed an F1 engine and the exhaust to play "when the saints come marchin in"? Pretty cool.
  2. V8 or V10

    The real question is how to gain displacement. The current 4.6 has very little room left for increaced displacement. The 5.0 started life as a 3.7L (221ci) grew to 4.3L (260ci) then 4.7L (289). The 4.6 does not have enough bore spacing for this type of growth. In addition, the 5.4 has larger outer dimensions making it a bad fit and heavy and still has the same bore spacing.

    The 4.6L has greatly improved since its introduction. The further possibilities for this engine are more valves (it already going to a 3 valve head), variable cam variable timing/lift, and supercharging. Of course, it can be taken out to 5.0L, but it seems to be an expensive option.

    A V10 gains the extra displacement without boring or stroking, but is more complicated to produce.
  3. and sounds like ass ;)

  4. The V10 might be an interesting option for a Shelby car, but let's keep the SVT Cobra a V8. I don't really care what Shelby does, because I think he's a worthless sellout who should've retired awhile ago...
  5. I would say 427ci V10.

    Can you imagine what kind of stuff the aftermarket companies would be turning out for that engine.

    I like to think about a Kenne Bell on this engine.......

  6. I realize this, but that still dosn't answer my ques. :shrug: I also see that V10 Cars seem a little higher than a SC 281, check the prices of any vehicle with a V10.
  7. A mustang with a v10 is wrong...it'll sound like ass and that right there would be reason enough not to buy it.

    You can forget a throaty sounding exhaust...have you heard a viper before? :nonono:

  8. Probably the same kind of stuff the aftermarket has now. Not much.
  9. Not to mention they'll jack the prices up on all the mods and treat it like viper products :mad:


  10. You guys are all concerned about the sound. Heres a novel idea.....make the thing fast!!!!!!!
  11. Isn't that the way a ricer thinks.
  12. Ford won't even put a big V8 in the Mustang, and you're all dreaming of V10s.
  13. Uhh, it DOESN'T. Have you seen the video? I've been trying to upload it, but my server is being dumb. It sounds nothing like a Viper. I can't really describe it, you'll have to hear it for yourself. But trust me, it sounds BADASS. :nice:
  14. go buy a damn ls1 if all you care about is speed...you can make anything fast but you can't make anything look good :rolleyes:

  15. alot of people think borla, magnaflow, & magnapacks sound good too...i rest my case.

  16. So what does a V-10 have to do with looks?
  17. I think if it's light enough, a V10 is a good idea. The last thing we need is a heavier Mustang that's more nose heavy! There's already rumor that the weight of the new Stangs are going to be even higher than before. From Fords point of view, which would be cheaper to produce, a naturally aspirated V10 or a Forced Induction V8? If it's true that the V10 weighs less than the current SC V8, I'll be all over it. If it's a brick, they can keep it.
    And as for all the heritage crap, the name and the looks are the heritage. What's inside is guided by technology. Porsche said flat out years ago that if they had listened to all the people who whined about heritage when they were redoing the internals of the 911, they'd be out of business right now. How much business would Ford lose if they were still running carbourated 302s? Sure, the fanatics and performance addicts would love it, but the average Joe would laugh and walk away.
  18. nothing but it has everything to do with muscle car vs ***** car.

  19. the 911 isn't sold based on heritage its sold to a bunch of rich people that just want a nice car that is pretty quick. The mustang is sold for the most part on its heritage...its classic muscle sound and sex appeal. If you take those two things away they better be ready to go luxury with it because otherwise it'll be a failure.

  20. The Mustang sells more cars because of price. It is affordable performance. It is only people like us who care about heritage. But if heritage and classic muscle sound are what why so many Mustangs are sold, then why is it that the majority of Mustangs sold are V-6's?

    You said that you can make anything fas, but you can't make it look good. So I ask you again, what does the engine have to do with looks? Also, how can you call a car a ***** car when it has 500HP? That seems pretty ***** to me :rolleyes:
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