Would you rather the '06 Cobra have a S/C V8 or V10?

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Would you rather the '06 Cobra have a S/C V8 or V10?

  1. Supercharged V8

    78 vote(s)
  2. V10

    90 vote(s)
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  1. Tell that to Porsche afficando's. Think of the longest produced cars you can by any manufacturer. You'll quickly come up with the Stang obviously, since it's been in production continually about Forty years now. But guess what? The 911 came out 2 years earlier and hasn't missed a beat. It might just look like a status symbol to you, but Porsche was building race cars almost since before the designers of the Mustang were born. Try to deny that heritage and you might as well try to tell the British that their Navy in the age of sail was just a bunch of sail boats and yachts.

    And as for 'most' Mustangs being sold on heritage think again. To me that ranks up there with the thought that 75% of people who buy a GT mod it. The people who post on these boards represent a tiny portion of Mustang buyers. How many hundreds of thousands of these cars does Ford produce every year? I'm willing to bet that your 'typical' Mustang buyer couldn't tell you their first year of production, has probably never even heard of the Mustang II and probably couldn't even tell you how much torque their own car has. If there isn't an SVT dealership nearby, many don't even know that the Cobra exists. Some couldn't even tell you where to find the dipstick to check their own oil. Trust me, I used to pump gas, I know. Some people buy the Mustang for looks, some for sound. Ok. Some people buy it because it's one of the cheapest cars around that's convertible. Some people buy it because it has the most HP/dollar. Yes, some people buy it because they're having a midlife crisis and always wanted one as a teenager and some buy it because they had one as a teenager and have wanted it back ever since. But the majority of people? Come on.
  2. If the V8 is the only sound you like, and you won't listen to anything else, then you are closed-minded.
  3. won't listen to anything else? close minded? Vipers sound like crap and so does any other v10 i've heard...if they sounded badass id be all over a mustang with a v10. If ford were to somehow develope a v10 that sounded like our vehicles do then hell yea that would rock...but id rather have a supercharged v8 or a larger v8 than a v10 anyday (because thats not the case). It has nothing to do with close minded anything...it has to do with what i want and i think what most people on this board want too. A tough looking and sounding vehicle.

  4. Actually the reason more v6's are sold is on price. I was simply talking about the GT portion of the mustang market...its almost all heritage. Most v6's owners went in it to buy a GT only to find out insurance was too high or they couldn't afford the extra 3-4k to get the GT. Thats the ONLY reason more gt's aren't sold.

    If you could get a GT insured for the same price as a v6 and they were within 1500 bucks they'd sell 75% or more gt's and hardly any v6s.

  5. Fleet sales make up a very large % of the V-6 models sold. But to say that the ONLY reason more GT's aren't sold is because price of insurance and the car is kind of redundant. That is exactly what I just got done telling you.

    Money is always a deciding factor when purchasing a new car. By using your logic, the same could be said about any car. If the Viper was only priced 1500 more than a Vette, then they would sell more. If the Vette was only $1500 more than a Stang then they would sell more. If a Mustang only cost as much as a Civic. Blah blah blah....

    The end result would be that all cars would be within $1500 of each other and the entire industry would be diluted with sub standard performance, quaility and value.

    You have to have different levels of car or else you risk muddying the waters.
  6. In the end, sound often comes down to the exhaust system and manufacturers have to be very conscious about sound levels. First off there's obviously sound laws and then there's the fact that some people (yes, even people buying V10's) don't want a super loud vehicle. I'm sure with the right aftermarket exhaust, any V10 could be made to sound like the scream of satan himself. Just like a 6 cylinder engine can be made to sound a hell of a lot better than some V8s. Think about the exhaust note of the current Mustang straight from the dealership. It's not bad but it's nothing special. Now throw on some long tube headers, an off road H-pipe and your choice of cat-back system and you have a mean sounding piece of work by any standard. Don't forget there's personal preference too. What most people here think sounds like a lawnmower seems to be the ideal exhaust for all the ricers out there.
  7. The Viper's pushrod 8.0L V10 sounds alot different than the prototype DOHC 5.8L V10 that Ford produced. It sounds like a nascar V8 with an odd touch to it, pretty much. Thats the best explanation I can come up with.

    I think the Viper sounds pretty damn cool too. Like you said, it's all a matter of taste.
  8. No im saying that MOST of the people that go into buying a new mustang are looking for a way to get a GT...most of them just dont end up paying that much money to get it.

  9. I don't know much of anything about Vipers, but the ones I've heard sound kind of crappy.

    With their side exhaust does their exhuast have any sort of exhaust crossover ie. X or H type pipe? Without any crossover the exhaust out of each side will sound like a separate 5 cyl engines.

    Also, does the Viper V10 have offset rod journals to give it an even firing order or is it uneven firing? Even firing makes a big difference in how it will sound.

    In any case I vote for a 351 V10. If anyone has heard a F1 engine winding out at 17,000 RPM I don't know how they could say all V10's soudn crappy.
  10. The newbie just made his first post and vote. Its for the V10, why? If you have to compete with the "supposed" ZL1 supercar the Cobra will need it. I just hope in 2006 its affordable. Also looking forward to the GT-350h model too.
  11. I am with you :nice:
  12. Then , think about it. The base Cobra gets the blown 5.4 4-valve motor. While the Shelby Cobra gets the V-10. Do you think they'll still use the SVT nameplate.
  13. Why does the Cobra need to have a V10 to compete with the ZL1? Actually why does it need to compete with the ZL1 at all? The ZL1 is going to be more expensive than a Z06. Which is already more than a Cobra. The Cobra has been trying to compete with the Z06 recently. Maybe an R version to compete with a ZL1. But considering the costs involved in trying to compete with a supposed 625 hp corvette. There is just no real way to make most mustangs do it. That would be the job for the new GT.
  14. The new GT will not be around in 2007, correct me if i'm wrong. You know as well as I the Cobra will be compared to the Vette base or not. Entry level C6 will have 400+ hp. I'd like to see the 5.4 blown in a Cobra, and let Shelby get the V-10 to go after the ZL1.
  15. Actually, I'd argue that most people buying a new Mustang are high school/college chicks who don't even know what a V8 is...(and they don't care)

    About v10s sounding bad, they all do, and there's a scientific reason for it. Surely someone can explain it, but I don't remember...
  16. I agree the Cobra will be at least compared to the base corvette. Possibly even the Z06. There has been rumor of a ford 2 seater that shelby would help work on. If it is true. Then there is no reason for any mustang to compete against a ZL1. While I love the mustang. I don't see any reason for a mustang to compete with a two seat sports car.
  17. Why can't Shelby go after the ZL1 with the V-10. He might even use the true concept car as his basis. Correct me if I'm wrong this car didn't have a backseat either. This has happened in the past also with the 68-70 Javelin. The AMX was a two seat version of the Javelin four seater.
  18. GT/Mach1 = Z28/SS
    Cobra = base Vette/GTO
    Cobra R/Shelby = Z06
    Ford GT = ZL1 Vette.

    Remember the Mustang/Cobra will be a few hunderd pounds heavier than the Corvette.
  19. You can't even throw the GTO in with the Cobra, two different classes. The GT as stated before will not be around for long. Another option would be move the V-10 to the GT, the Cobra gets a blown 5.4 3-valve and the Shelby the 5.4 blown 4-valve. Or the Shelby gets the V-10,and the GT gets that motor blown.
  20. I agree, but......... If a 500HP edition GTO comes out you can bet the mags will be comparing it and people will be cross shopping it with the Cobra
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