Would you rather the '06 Cobra have a S/C V8 or V10?

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Would you rather the '06 Cobra have a S/C V8 or V10?

  1. Supercharged V8

    78 vote(s)
  2. V10

    90 vote(s)
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  1. I doubt you'll see that. That numbers bigger than the new C6. It'll never happen. Next year you'll see the autocross version that will make close to 400hp though. It may equal the Vette but never surpass it thats the rule.
  2. Why not use the concept as a base for a new shelby. Because rumor has him working on another car that isn't a mustang. And why adapt a mustang to compete against a corvette? Why not engineer a car from the ground up to compete with the ZL1. That would make way more sense. yes the GT may not be around for long. But who's to say the won't design a replacement? And who's to say the ZL1 will be around for very long? And why not throw the GTO in with the Cobra. Your putting the Cobra in with the corvette? The GTO is a muscle car that seats 4. The Cobra is a pony car that almost seats 4. And the Corvette is a sportscar that seats 2. If anything the Mustang is almost between both cars. And should not be considered against either.
  3. The Cobra is actually a two seater with rear seats for decoration IMO. Why not use the new platform and do what I suggested earlier. Shorten it up to a two seater. They would save alot of money this way. The Cobra is Fords answer to the Vette until the GT came along. If the ZL1 is somewhat designed on the C6 platform it will be around for a while.
  4. They will never make the Mustang a 2 seater. Why? Insurance. It cost more for the average buyer to insure a 4 seater VS a 2 seater. A 4 seater is considered a "family car" where a 2 seater is considered a "Sports car" by the insurance institute.

    Harder to insure = less sales.
  5. no way...they want to keep insurance premiums down as tyler said.

  6. As said before part of the reason is sales. I know that I have actually used my rear seats on several occasions. And to have a strictly 2 seater would hurt the cars versatility. I realize that in your opinion the rear seat is useless. But if they weren't there I might have to find another car. And shortening the car up may or may not save money. First you have to design the new parts for a 2 seater. Then you have to hope it will sell enough to justify changing it. As for the ZL1 it's a corvette. As far as I have seen it seems to only have a larger engine in it. As for it being around a while. The ZR-1 was a very powerful and fast corvette (For the time). And it only lasted 5 years of production with numbers getting smaller each year. So being based on the new corvette mean nearly nothing.
  7. I say scrap both the S/C V-8 and the V-10.

    Give me a 4V N/A 5.4L. (Remember the Cobra R)

    You would have to figure they could get 420+HP out of the motor while keeping the weight and price down as compared to the other two engines. (If someone says how much the Cobra R was, I am going to scream)

    Since this motor has already been produced before development costs could be held down.

    Then for giggles, we could dream that they would stroke the motor to about 5.8L. :nice:
  8. My vote goes for the S/C V8. Nothing bigger than a V8 belongs in a mustang IMHO, and nothing sounds better than a mustang's v8 as well. How are they gonna get a V10 to sound like a mustang :shrug:... thats almost why I bought the new car in the first place lol :).

    Yes having an extra 2 cylinders would be cool... and god knows what a blower on it would do... but it just isnt right.
  9. i'd rather have the 5.8L V10. it's lighter than the s/c 5.4L and not just because of the aluminum block. you have to remember that the roots s/c and intercooler aren't exactley light.

    i'd take the V10 over a n/a 5.4L too. the 5.4L has a longer stroke than the 4.6L based 5.8L V10. that means the V10 can rev higher while having more displacement. the best of both worlds.

    and the old Viper V10's sounded like crap because they had no connecting pipe. so it was in essence, two I5's as far as sound goes. the newer vipers sound much better.

    i'd get the V10, and add a turbo.:drool:

    well, if i could afford one.
  10. It would be cool to have a V-10 that could rev to 6,500 to 7K RPM.
    I am a Viper fanatic, but the new Vipers still sound like crap, even though they do sound alot better.

    The FR500 got 415HP? out of a N/A 4.6. Just think of what you could get out of a N/A 4V 5.4. It would make the LS1 boys shut there mouths.
  11. I'd now say 5.4 4-valve N/A Cobra. Then the Shelby lets say 5.4 4-valve blown. Either way with the blown V-8 or V-10 you have the possibility of a world beater. Lets just hope most of us can afford it.

  12. Then I guess Ford should drop the V6 model too, since it doesn't sound like a V8

    You can get 385HP out of it, remember they did that back in 2000
  13. Not what we mean't :nonono:
  14. I don't recall the statement that only a V8 should be in a mustang. That would be dumb. Everyone know the V6 sells the most. Yes they did get 385 out of the 00R engine. But I don't believe that engine was as engineered as the FR500 engine. And the new 5.0 liter cammer motor is at 420hp.
  15. No there saying no a v8 should be in the GT...I agree unless they can make the v10 sound exactly like the v8. Again i've never heard a v10 sound anything good at all. so if it can be done then more power to them...there are plenty of reasons its not giong to happen though.

  16. Does someone have the V10 Mustang 1/4 mile vid? I've been trying to upload it, send it via e-mail, etc., and it just ISN'T WORKING.

  17. Thank you for making no sense :nice:
  18. Thats what I was talking about at least. A mustang can't be a mustang... without sounding like a mustang :nice:
  19. The only person it wouldn't make sense to is someone who can't read.


  20. So by your logic because the Mustang looks better than an LS1 car it doesn't need to be fast?? Wow thanks for clearing everything up.
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